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Bug#872930: general: reboots every time even when i shut it down

On Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 12:45:55PM -0400, zineb wrote:
> Dear Maintainer,
>         When I shut down my computer it reboots every time, but only when I use
> Linux (debian). However, I don't have this problem with Windows. I have both of
> the OSs on the same computer.
>         And only when debian reboots after I tried to suspend it, and error
> message appears before. It says something like :
> "* time is in the future ( by less than a day probably due to *'s clock...)"
> This message doesn't appear after using Windows or turning off the computer by
> removing the battery.
> Thank you,

I think it are two seperate problems. "reboot" being one, "clock" the other.

On the reboot:
Without further information on "computer" it is hard to solve the problem.
There are various generations of "ACPI"
Read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Configuration_and_Power_Interface
for some background information. Match the new ACPI knowledge with the computer,
then match it with software that handles the hardware well.

On the clock:
Microsoft Windows system expect their hardware clock in the local timezone.
Linux systems do default expect the hardware clock is in UTC timezone.
There is a setting to tell the Linux system that the hardware clock is in local timezone.
Debian-Installer asks about it and set it.
For allready installed systems read https://wiki.debian.org/DateTime#Hardware_clock_and_system_time_when_dual_booting

Geert Stappers
Who thinks that this bug should be closed.
Leven en laten leven

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