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1DVD SARGE jigdo template is too big [PROPOSAL] Move speedtouch package into the first CDs of the set Bug#271348: Booting Sarge-i386 ISO images from SCSI-CDROM fails Calculation of cd sizes implemented and tested, should I commit? CD mirrors Re: CD* instead of CD1 ? What's wrong? FAQ? Daily D-I images broken.. debian dvd iso with jigdo Dual layer DVD DVDs - priorities and pruning Educate yourself on the laws, rules, codes, of the debt system. Error DVD iso jigdo :( First DVD-ISO oversized Found an existing Bug report for -> Re: Missing /media/cdrom0 dir during install free cds The harassing phone calls and nasty collection notices can be stopped. ia64 boot??? Importand kernel images are missing in 1rst DVD disk Introducing and asking. Invalid md5 checksum on ISO images? ISO sizes problem (searching for a solution) jigdo images for Sarge CDs jigdo problem .bug? JTE 1.10 JTE 1.12 released Licence recommended? Re: Many wrong links in doc/cd1 Missing /media/cdrom0 dir during install New data type for jigdo please! New DVD images and status of the weekly builds Re: Non-US CDs no more for sarge? Official jigdo files for the "testing" distribution on DVD Re: oh POWERPC DVD a process designed To close your card accounts Removal of the alias sarge CD images: kindly elaborate? sarge m68k CD/DVD build downloads things Single torrent package for download "sarge" ? size of DVD-image sarge-i386-1.iso is too large? status of d-i kernel transition Unidentified subject! unsubscribe we lost all DOS support, do we want it back? weekly builds are coming back again XFS and LVM install with Sarge CD? The last update was on 14:35 GMT Mon Jul 08. There are 128 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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