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Dual layer DVD

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There's been quite a lot of discussion lately about releasing sarge on
dual-layer DVD; it's clearly attractive for CD/DVD vendors to be able
to sell one disc that covers Debian, and for the end user it's much
easier to boot and install from a single disc with no
swapping/flipping needed.

I've been looking up specs for this, in particular sizes. According to
http://www.disctronics.co.uk/technology/dvdrom/dvdrom_specs.htm and
various other pages google can find:

  a single-sided single-layer DVD (aka DVD-5) holds 4.7e+9 bytes

  a single-sided dual-layer DVD (aka DVD-9) holds 8.5e+9 bytes

There are always going to be slight variations in media sizes, but to
be safe we need to ensure that all the images we produce are no bigger
than these. We currently should be OK on sizes to be able to release
sarge on 2 single-layer DVDs for each arch; the latest set from Manty

i386/i386-1 4610738176 bytes
i386/i386-2 4369008640 bytes
ia64/ia64-1 4596054016 bytes
ia64/ia64-2 4351143936 bytes
powerpc/powerpc-1 4443107328 bytes
powerpc/powerpc-2 4580755456 bytes
powerpc/powerpc-3 129437696 bytes

The powerpc set clearly needs tweaking a little :-) Also, we need to
produce source DVDs also at the very least.

However, for the dual-layer DVDs we've been hoping to make, we're
already too big. A test at the weekend gave me:

8604024832 sarge-i386-1.iso

We're going to have to start trimming things if we want dual-layer
DVDs to work for the sarge release. Suggestions?

Of course, another option is to go for dual-sided single-layer DVD
(aka DVD-10), but that loses much of the convenience for the
user. Comments?

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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