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Re: sarge CD images: kindly elaborate?

Richard Atterer wrote:
Um - trying the old images may not work. You can try Attila Nagy's
unofficial images at
<ftp://ftp.fsn.hu/pub/CDROM-Images/debian-unofficial/sarge/>, but note that
they're probably not suitable for installation, just as a package source. If you need to install Debian using CDs, try downloading the new beta
installer from <http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/> and see
whether it works together with the fsn.hu images.
You can easily try. Get your favourite PC emulator which can use an iso file as a virtual CDROM, mount ftp.fsn.hu via SMB and try to boot from the iso.

Last time I tried (via a 384k ADSL), it worked.

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