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Re: Non-US CDs no more for sarge?

On Mon, Aug 30, 2004 at 10:52:15AM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
>On Mon, Aug 30, 2004 at 01:20:56PM +0200, J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) wrote:
>> Now that we have crypto in main, the only real use for non-US is for
>> packages that are encumbered by patents in the US which aren't encumbered by
>> patents in the EU. I am not aware of any practical packages that fall in
>> that category at the moment.
>Not any that are in non-US/main in any case, AIUI, which means they
>probably wouldn't be released as part of a CD set.
>I believe getting non-US into working order again is still considered a
>blocker for release, but I think the concern here is non-US/non-free and
>getting non-US/main operational to the point that *removals* can be
>processed for sarge.  (At least, britney thinks that all of the
>above-listed non-US/main packages should be removed.)

OK. It would make life much easier for CD/DVD production if we can
just drop the non-US stuff, and there's clearly very little left
there. Shall we just drop it?

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