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Re: debian dvd iso with jigdo

On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 07:33:09PM +0200, Niccolò Pandolfini wrote:
> congratulations for the great work.
> I'm trying to make my iso file for sarge-i386-1. After downloading 
> .jigdo and .template and telling wich mirror to use, ithe process stop 
> saying that it has found and downloaded only 5 of 6690 files and try to 
> write image.

Up to this point, the behaviour is OK.

> The image grow to 3,99 Gb and then crash saying error 3 - no space left
> on device (19 Gb are left on the device).

That is very strange - what OS and what filesystem are you trying to 
generate the image on?

Over time, there have been some size-related problems, but to my knowledge
they have all been resolved. Also, they all resulted in problems around the
2 GB limit, not 4 GB. I suspect that you use a filesystem which does not
support files larger than 4 GB.



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