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Re: Missing /media/cdrom0 dir during install

Greg Madden wrote:

/media/cdrom0 is created by discover.

I disagree with that, it looks like it creates a link between the device and the directory which it only checks for the existance of...

/etc# grep -r cdrom0 *
fstab:/dev/hdc        /media/cdrom0   iso9660 ro,user,noauto  0       0
init.d/discover:    if [ -e /dev/cdrom0 ]
init.d/discover:            ln -fs /dev/cdrom0 /dev/cdrom
init.d/discover:                ln -fsn "${CDROM_BASE_MOUNTPOINT}cdrom0" "${CDROM_BASE_MOUNTPOINT}cdrom"
init.d/discover:                echo "Cannot create link from "$CDROM_BASE_MOUNTPOINT"cdrom to "$CDROM_BASE_MOUNTPOINT"cdrom0," >&2
rcS.d/S36discover:    if [ -e /dev/cdrom0 ]
rcS.d/S36discover:            ln -fs /dev/cdrom0 /dev/cdrom
rcS.d/S36discover:                ln -fsn "${CDROM_BASE_MOUNTPOINT}cdrom0" "${CDROM_BASE_MOUNTPOINT}cdrom"
rcS.d/S36discover:                echo "Cannot create link from "$CDROM_BASE_MOUNTPOINT"cdrom to "$CDROM_BASE_MOUNTPOINT"cdrom0," >&2

And by the way, no script seems to be around to remove the directory...

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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