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Re: XFS and LVM install with Sarge CD?

Kudos to the development team, it looks like both are present. I was able to get Jigdo to work on Win2K and make the ISO.

One thing I did notice since Woody was on the box I was testing. It was able to successfully reformate the existing partitions (I wanted to convert from my previous ReiseFS to XFS) but swap ran into errors. It had a smiley face next to swap, the pirate one next to the partitions to reformat. I had to delete the swap partition and recreate it to get swap to mount successfully. Maybe something could be added here for it to regernate swap without needing to delete/recreate the partition? Just a suggestion.

Oh, I'm running the 2.6 expert mode... very cool Debian crew!!! :-)

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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