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we lost all DOS support, do we want it back?


Today I was trying to install sarge on an old machine, it doesn't boot from
cd, so I said I'd use etherboot from a floppy, and when that didn't work
even after adding another network card I sai'd, I'd boot from DOS and launch
the install from the cd.

Well, I have realised that we've lost all DOS compatibility, we don't have
the install.bat or boot.bat that we used to have, that could easily be
added, but we don't have loadlin.exe on the cd (wasn't there on beta1 cds
already), these two problems could be easily solved if one gets loadlin and
the .bat file into the DOS floppy he is using, but I think we should put
this on our cds, what does people think about this?

Currently there is another problem, as cds are no longer usable under DOS, I
believe this is a bug caused by the JTE patch to mkisofs, Steve is going to
take a look at this when he has some time, in the meanwhile I have changed
config so that the images which are not jigdoed (netinst and businesscard)
are produced using a non JTE patched version of mkisofs, so they should
start working in DOS again, only missing the bat and the loadlin which is
people agrees, I would inmediately add.

Well, that's all for the DOS support.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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