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New DVD images and status of the weekly builds


We have produced new images and made them available (after fixing yesterday
the problem with the powerpc builds). These images should again fit in all
DVDs at least if we didn't break other things, they are the first images
built with JTE that we publish, and even though we tested the JTE images
internally for the last weeks, there could be errors when downloading or
within the images, if so, please report them to the list and we'll try to
address them asap.

Does this mean that we are ready for building weekly images again?

Nope, not yet, we still have size problems, we just have bypassed them for
now to build these images, if you want to help with the size problems, have
a look at my yesterday's mail with subject:

ISO sizes problem (searching for a solution)

It is much  easier for us to generate DVD isos of a good size (and even in
that we have not been much successfull) without solving this problem with the
sizes, than to do it with CD isos, that's why we have produced new DVD
images and not CDs yet, maybe we start generating new CDs and DVDs again in
a weekly basis soon, but I wouldn't know when yet, for now, if you want a
recent build please try out the new DVD images and let us know if they work

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

PS: thanks to Richard for replying to all the questions on the list.

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