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Re: Missing /media/cdrom0 dir during install

|| On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 21:00:24 -0400
|| Michael Lueck <mlueck@lueckdatasystems.com> wrote: 

ml> Installing from the sarge CD downloaded and burned today. Expert 2.6 installer.
ml> Failed at configuring apt source that /dev/cdrom was not
ml> valid. Snooped around on the disk and found the CD would not mount as
ml> /media/cdrom0 directory had not been created. I made this directory
ml> checking the settings were the same as the floppy mount dir, and the
ml> CD now mounts correctly.

ml> Continuing installation...

Did you, before reboot to secound stage, installed udev? I have this
problem when I'm using udev+discover at secound stage.

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