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Re: CD* instead of CD1 ? What's wrong? FAQ?

On Thu, 2004-09-16 at 22:36 +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Quoting Karl Hegbloom:
> > I'm getting directories and files named like 'CD*' and '*.packages'
> > instead of 'CD1' or '1.packages' when I run the debian-cd Makefile.  I'm
> > using a CVS checkout, fresh as of yesterday afternoon (2004/09/15).
> Please use debian-cd@lists.debian.org, because I'm not the only one
> working on debian-cd and if a recent change broke something it's not my
> fault since I didn't work on debian-cd recently ... ;-)

Ok, so who or what is to blame?  Any ideas folks?  Should I roll back to
a release version, or what?

    Karl Hegbloom
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