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Re: size of DVD-image sarge-i386-1.iso is too large?

On Sat, Sep 04, 2004 at 09:57:29PM +0300, AKL. Mantas Kriauciunas wrote:
>AFAIK command 'dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/cdrom' displays DVD media info:
>INQUIRY:                [LITE-ON ][COMBO LTC-48161H][KH0D]
> Mounted Media:         10h, DVD-ROM
> Media Book Type:       92h, DVD+RW book [revision 2]
> Legacy lead-out at:    2295104*2KB=4700372992
> Disc status:           complete
> Number of Sessions:    1
> State of Last Session: complete
> Number of Tracks:      1
> Track State:           complete
> Track Start Address:   0*2KB
> Free Blocks:           0*2KB
> Track Size:            2295104*2KB
> Track#1  :             14@0
> Track#AA :             14@2295104
> Multi-session Info:    #1@0
>Size of sarge-i386-1.iso image is:
>mantas@dubrava:~/downloads/iso$ ls -la sarge-i386-1.iso
>-rw-r--r--  1 mantas mantas 4702103552 2004-09-02 09:45 sarge-i386-1.iso
>It seems difference between biggest possible iso image (4700372992) and
>current sarge-i386-1.iso image is 1730560 bytes (1690 KB), so we should
>make maximum iso image size about 2 megabytes smaller.

Thanks for that. I don't have any DVD+RW media handy to be able to
grab that information. The easiest number to remember is probably
4700000000 bytes. If we're under that, we should be covered OK for all
the common DVD formats, just like 680000000 bytes is a safe max for
normal CD ISO images.

Does anybody out there have a DL DVD drive and media yet? The maximum
LBA on DVD+R DL media would also be a useful piece of information...

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