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Re: DVDs - priorities and pruning

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> Most people I've spoken to about the DL size issues have agreed that
> simply pruning stuff from the end of the popcon list is
> reasonable. Any objections? I absolutely want to minimise how much
> pruning we'll have to do, which means that the DL DVD run is going to
> take a while to produce. It may take a couple of attempts to fine-tune
> the exact sizes of the images, which is going to be slow.

popcon does not include all avalaible packages.  I think you will find
that there is about 1 GB of packages which will not be included on the DVD
if COMPLETE=1 is switched off and everything else (inc popcon) is left as
is.  I would suggest that building the DVD(s) with COMPLETE=1 and
discarding the second image.

> On a similar topic, the normal (SL) ppc DVD images have now (just)
> stretched beyond 2 DVDs. Do we want to prune them too?

As above.


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