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Re: Error DVD iso jigdo :(

On Fri, Sep 24, 2004 at 07:37:20AM +0300, George Danchev wrote:
> If you use (very) old .jigdo/.template pair(s), and if passing regular debian/ 
> and debian-nonUS/ mirrors to fetch the files from gives you "some packages 
> could not be downloaded" error (because some packages have been dropped in 
> favour of their new versions), then you can use the 
> http://snapshot.debian.net as your debian/ and debian-non-US/ ones with date 
> lines around that .jigdo/.template pair was created. 
> For example, If: 
> zgrep Info sid-sparc-1.jigdo
> Info='Generated on Thu, 22 Jul 2004 01:38:00 +0200'
> then your snapshot server lines you can pass to jigdo-lite to fetch the files 
> from should be somewhere around this date, or 2-3 days after this one:
> http://snapshot.debian.net/archive/2004/07/22/debian/
> http://snapshot.debian.net/archive/2004/07/22/debian/
> This sould go to the jigdo documentation at some point since it is very likely 
> newcomers to jigdo not to guess of how to mount an uncompleted iso.tmp file 
> if nesessary and how to find the dropped packages from the snapshot server.

Loop-mounting old .iso.tmp files is actually documented in the Debian jigdo
mini HOWTO.

> if nesessary and how to find the dropped packages from the snapshot
> server.

The creators of .jigdo files can simply add snapshot.debian.net to have
jigdo use that server. So far, I'm a bit reluctant to recommend this,
because it will mean that snapshot.d.n will be hit badly by people from all 
over the world, when typically these people would be off far better with 
just using the latest weekly .jigdo files.

In the long run, my plan is to implement a simple "phone home" system in
the jigdo GUI app: A CGI script on some Debian server collects the md5sums
of failed individual downloads. The jigdo application fetches this list of
md5sums before starting a download, and uploads its own list of failed
download md5sums to the script after a failure. Furthermore, the downloads 
in the list provided by the CGI are tried first, so if one of them really 
fails, jigdo can abort early with an error, and not after hundreds of MB 
have been downloaded.



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