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Re: Dual layer DVD

On Tue, Sep 07, 2004 at 07:36:50PM -0300, Nelson Altimari wrote:
>In any case, there should be a single-sided, double-layered image 
>(8.5Gb), for the user which wants a single, 'flipless' disc. Although I 
>also have two drives, I would stick to the double-layered image myself. 
>The only problem is that DL media isn't really 'affordable' yet...

Yet, exactly. In 12 months that'll probably be different.

>Well, I have a really silly question... (and surely off-topic here) Why 
>don't the DVD vendors start figuring a way to make DVD drives that could 
>read both sides of the disc, as if it were one 'large' side?

Cost, mainly. Some optical / magneto-optical drives have been made in
the past that do that, but they tend to be very expensive. You then
need to match the disc speed to two separate heads, for a start.

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