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Re: CD mirrors


please have a look at the new <http://www.debian.org/CD/mirroring/>, I hope 
the information is now closer to the truth than before. :-7

Mattias, is the page correct from your POV?

Some further notes:

* The rsync URL for the beta/unstable/testing images does not have a "pub/" 
in it, unlike the HTTP/FTP URLs. Is it worth it to make this uniform or 
should we just leave it like that?

* I'm boldly declaring on the page that DVD images have names ending in 
-dvd.iso and dual-layer images have names ending in -dldvd.iso!

* For consistency, should CD images' names end in -cd.iso? It might make it 
easier for mirror admins to in/exclude CD images from mirroring.

* I don't remember clearly what the plans WRT full DVD images were: Will
there be a full set of images for all arches? Probably not... full set for
i386? One DVD image for i386? What about dual-layer? %-| (IOW: Mattias, how
much disk space will be available by release time?;) 
<http://www.debian.org/CD/mirroring/#names> is probably wrong ATM.

* Could /export/ftp/pub/cdimage-testing on farbror be made writable by
deb-cd? I'd like to install a cron job which runs "du" over the CD image
directories, so that prospective mirror admins can always get up-to-date
info on the actual size requirements. I was thinking of publishing the "du"
output as /export/ftp/pub/cdimage-testing/cdmirror-sizes.txt...

On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 01:51:57PM +0200, Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
[automatic mirror checker]
> On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, Richard Atterer wrote:
> >Ah, I think you're right! Looking at Adam's list, a significant number
> >of mirrors do not seem to have caught up with the changes, though. :-/
> Well, some of them haven't and some of them have dropped debian-cd since
> years ago, I think. At least this way mirrors with files can be found and
> some incentive for mirrors to catch up.

Right. I'll see if I can get the checker's output integrated in the pages -
doing that looks a bit difficult. Maybe the debian-www people will be able
to help.

> >Can you provide a list of directory paths for the various image
> >variants? IOW, if full images of single/dual-layer DVDs, netinst,
> >business-card etc images are made available, where on the server will
> >they appear, and where the corresponding .jigdo/.template files, if any?
> Not yet, and I need some input on this. How should this be organized so
> the users can find the correct jigdo and iso? My suggestion so far has
> been to put them all into the same arch directory and make the name
> reflect what kind of iso/jigdo it is. Any other suggestions/comments?

IMHO, this is fine! The rsync --include/--exclude options on the page now
also describe how to in/exclude by filename.

The directory listing will look confusing especially to new Debian users
because e.g. DVD and CD .jigdo files will be all mixed up. However, I've
thought for a while that just linking to Apache dir listings is not a good
idea considering the growing number of download possibilities. *sigh*, yet
another little project to come up with an intuitive set of pages... :-)



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