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[PROPOSAL] Move speedtouch package into the first CDs of the set

Hello list.

The speedtouch package contains drivers for the Speedtouch ADSL modem, a
(im)popular modem in Europe.
As you know, many users only download the first few CDs of the set and
install everything else from the Internet archives. But the speedtouch
package and it's dependencies are scattered. In testing:

- speedtouch is in CD9.
- libatm1 is in CD3.
- atm-tools is in CD10.
- ppp (it's not a dependencie but it should be) and the rest of the
dependencies are already in CD1.
- hotplug (isn't a dependency but should be) is also on CD1
- kernel image with proper support (2.6 images at least have, I don't
know about 2.4 ones)

I think it would be usefull to have those packages contained in the
first 3 CDs. It would also be usefull if they were in the netinst CD.

On the other hand, the speedtouch driver requires proprietary firmware
drivers that must be downloaded from the Internet and isn't that simple
to configure. Downloading those 3 small packages won't add that much
complexity to the process.

What is you opinion?


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