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Re: Dual layer DVD

Jay Berkenbilt wrote:

Maybe this has already been mentioned, but I think it's worth pointing
out that two single-sided single-layer DVDs are more convenient than
one double-sided single-layer DVD for people who have more than one
DVD drive and can therefore have both discs mounted at the same time.

The 'option' to have one double-sided or two single-sided discs really lies on the user. The images would be the same as the 'single-sided' ones (4.7Gb).

In any case, there should be a single-sided, double-layered image (8.5Gb), for the user which wants a single, 'flipless' disc. Although I also have two drives, I would stick to the double-layered image myself. The only problem is that DL media isn't really 'affordable' yet...

Well, I have a really silly question... (and surely off-topic here) Why don't the DVD vendors start figuring a way to make DVD drives that could read both sides of the disc, as if it were one 'large' side?


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