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Re: Introducing and asking.

Quoting Luís Guilherme Fernandes Pereira (lpereira@gmail.com):
> Hello, all
> my name is Luis, and I'm from Brazil. I make packages (mostly deb and
> rpm) for the Centre of Computing of the State University of Campinas.
> I'm new to the list(s), so I'm presenting myself. I apologize, in
> advance, for my poor English.
> I'm sending this email to both lists (debian-boot and debian-cd)
> because I could not find out which one was more proper for my
> question. My problem follows:
> We here at the centre want to make a GNU/Linux distro with all of our
> software. My idea was to make a Debian Instalation CD with
> debian-installer, with some basic server packages (like apache, php4,
> mysql, postgresql) and some other software that are dependencies to
> ours.


You need to talk with Otavio Salvador and probably most other
Brazilian Debian Developers. Otavio worked a lot on all
this....building a custom CD for FISL, for instance....

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