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sarge CD images: kindly elaborate?

Dear Debian CD team,

Please forgive me for not understanding, but would you kindly restate in other words the following note which appears on the web page http://www.debian.org/CD/jigdo-cd/ ?

<begin note> -------------------------------------------------------

Note (Aug 30, 2004): The weekly CD build process is being modified to allow the fast generation of sarge CD images. While this work continues, no new weekly images are built - do not attempt to download images whose timestamp shows them to be older than one week!

    * Official jigdo files for the "testing" distribution on CD
      (all architectures, regenerated weekly)

    * Official jigdo files for the "testing" distribution on DVD
      (all architectures, regenerated weekly)

<end note> ---------------------------------------------------------

Do you mean to say simply that new CD images are to be posted whenever they become available, rather than on a rigid weekly schedule?

And what should I do if I need an image, but the newest image listed on the download page:


is more than a week old?

Also, I notice that the latest DVD image for the i386 is dated the 6th of September, whereas the latest CD image for the i386 is dated the 7th of August. Does this imply that CDs are deprecated in favour of DVDs?


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