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Re: Introducing and asking.

|| On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 18:08:54 +0200
|| Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote: 

cp> Quoting Luís Guilherme Fernandes Pereira (lpereira@gmail.com):
>> Hello, all
>> We here at the centre want to make a GNU/Linux distro with all of our
>> software. My idea was to make a Debian Instalation CD with
>> debian-installer, with some basic server packages (like apache, php4,
>> mysql, postgresql) and some other software that are dependencies to
>> ours.

cp> Luis,

cp> You need to talk with Otavio Salvador and probably most other
cp> Brazilian Debian Developers. Otavio worked a lot on all
cp> this....building a custom CD for FISL, for instance....

Hello Luis and Christan,

We are currently developing the Debian-BR-CDD and this is probably a
good starting point for this work. I think Luis should look the
project website http://debian-br-cdd.alioth.debian.org

I and Debian-NP people are starting to continue to build a new tool to
make CDDs more easier so is interesting if someone wants to help.

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