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DVDs - priorities and pruning

When we get to the sarge release, it's going to take quite a while to
get all the CDs and DVDs built, even with JTE helping out. What's the
preferred order of production? Should we do CDs or DVDs first? So far
manty has only been producing DVDs for i386, ia64 and ppc. We clearly
need to do source DVDs as well. Is it wanted / worth it to do DVDs for
other architectures too?

Most people I've spoken to about the DL size issues have agreed that
simply pruning stuff from the end of the popcon list is
reasonable. Any objections? I absolutely want to minimise how much
pruning we'll have to do, which means that the DL DVD run is going to
take a while to produce. It may take a couple of attempts to fine-tune
the exact sizes of the images, which is going to be slow.

On a similar topic, the normal (SL) ppc DVD images have now (just)
stretched beyond 2 DVDs. Do we want to prune them too?

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