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Re: CD mirrors

On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 12:30:03PM +0200, Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, Richard Atterer wrote:
> >There is no definitive CD mirror directory structure. :-(
> Yes, but we fixed that by defining a definitive CD mirror directory
> structure to bethe one on cdimage.debian.org. I think we even had
> consensus on that on this list about a year ago.

Ah, I think you're right! Looking at Adam's list, a significant number of 
mirrors do not seem to have caught up with the changes, though. :-/

Can you provide a list of directory paths for the various image variants? 
IOW, if full images of single/dual-layer DVDs, netinst, business-card etc
images are made available, where on the server will they appear, and where
the corresponding .jigdo/.template files, if any?

> >BTW, can you (or someone else) look over
> ><http://www.debian.org/CD/mirroring/>? I'm not sure whether that page is
> >still up to date.
> Hmm.. It does seem to be a bit outdated, yes. Does the p-i-k still work?

Very likely not. IIRC it needed a list of files to download (similar to
what is in a .jigdo file), and those lists have not been made available for
a loong time.

> Also, a pointer to http://www.acc.umu.se/~maswan/debian-push/cdimage/ 
> might be valuable, that uses jigdo-mirror and a bit of rsync [...]

OK, I'll add a link.

I think I will revamp the page. Here's what I think it should contain,
comments are welcome:

FTP/HTTP mirroring is discouraged
"discouraged" instead of the current "not suitable", which is too strong 

rsync is acceptable
With the new-style names, binary patching of subreleases is no longer
possible because the leaf names change. So rsync does not have that much of
an advantage over HTTP/FTP, except that it verifies file checksums etc.

Can someone provide tested, working rsync commands? At a guess you'll want
--archive, --block-size=8192 to increase the speed, possibly --partial in
case a long transfer is interrupted... I'll play around with rsync to come
up with working --include/--exclude switches for e.g. i386+source, only
first 3 CDs etc.

jigdo-mirror + rsync is recommended
Link to your page.

jigdo-mirror is recommended
I'll leave that section mostly the same...

All the best,


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