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. access forbidden bad file Re: broken link on broken links on (especially debian-www pages) Bug in MoinMoin on Bug in MoinMoin on (idem) Bug in search algorithm Bug#155283: marked as done (/mirror/list is not translated/able) Bug#207094: mirror.d.o help Bug#385797: licencing nonsense Bug#440631: marked as done (/volatile/volatile-mirrors: There's no country called "Swiss") Bug#450590: Broken formatting on a Mirror List page Bug#450590: marked as done (Broken formatting on a Mirror List page) Bug#450841: should show current maintainer Bug#451646: "list of files" link generates error when testing and unstable versions are the same Bug#451755: fails to display list of files in libjavassist-java-doc Bug#452397: Translating Bug#452397: when? Bug#452794: Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar Bug#453284: Formulation about followup messages is confusing BUG: I am trying to download the i386 DVDs from your site... CD/DVD clarification suggestion on download page Changelogs missing Debian CD in spain Re: Debian for S390 links debian poner en english Debian wiki Tamil translation outdated (was: hyperlink down) download download problems an error in the website download page German GPG Request - Add place date selector Re: Help & advise on using WML constructs to create pages. Re: hyperlink down Incoming web server is unreachable Info on this site Internal Server Error Internal Server Error for submitting search form Link to nonexistent section on doc page (locale specific) Linkfehler auf ** Re: Mentioning proposed-updates on the main website mirror/list translatability mirror/official_sponsors.wml misleading information, Re: Fwd: missing changelog for package: linux-image-2.6.18-5-686 a mistake in text on site Re: modify audit group member jaguar New security/audit pages not translatable Re: not translatable strings in mirror/ packages search tool became more restrictive packages.d.o compares "~" diferently than dpkg pointing people to files PressCoverage2007 Processed: tagging 450841 Processed: tagging 452794, tagging 452397 Re; why is this page comming up??? Security Servers down ??? sidux - Debian sid based distro since Nov-2006 Status Update packages.d.o L10N (was: Translating (Call for translations)) Unrar for arm architecture Unreachable Debian CD/DVD vendor: unreachable vendor Re: UNS: Re: webwml failed Update on the MGE partnership Who's using Debian? wiki sign up and wiki name with '''''' Wiki: Edit(GUI) may cause data damage ... Wiki: render as docbook broken (need to install PyXML) Re: Wishlist for the CD Vendor submission page XSS vulnerability on The last update was on 04:50 GMT Mon Aug 14. There are 169 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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