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CD/DVD clarification suggestion on download page

Hello Debian web developers,

First I would like to congratulate you for developing such a great OS, probably the best Linux distribution.

I have 1 suggestion for you guys:

When I downloaded the DVD images on the url below I thought that I needed to download all 3 DVDs in order to install Debian etch. It seems that I was mistaken and only the 1st DVD is needed for the default install.

I think that this puts off many people which think that they need to download 13GB worth of DVDs when only the first is really needed.

I think that you guys should include a big-sized comment about this in this web address below because I think that many people are downloading the smaller sized Ubuntu instead because of this. Actually, personally I tried Ubuntu first because of this reason but I didn't like it too much so I kept on trying 4 or 5 others until I finally decided to download the 13GB of Debian.

According to distrowatch.org , Ubuntu has roughly 3 times as many users as you guys which is not fair, since Ubuntu comes from Debian.


Hope you guys will take my suggestion into account.

Also, hoping to try the official release of the *BSD kernel version of Debian soon.

(An average computer user coming from Windows; sick of Windows viruses !)

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