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Unrar for arm architecture

Dear Lady, Gentleman,

I am looking for unrar for the arm architecture.

When I go to:


unrar (1:3.7.3-1.1) [non-free]
    Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version)

I thought that this would be the right place, but I don't get to see the
following error:

Error: two or more packages specified (unrar unrar)

The unrar page suggests the same; that it should excist:

Download unrar

Download for all available architectures Architecture 	
		Package Size 	Installed Size 	Files
alpha 	119.8 kB		292 kB 	[list of files]
amd64 	93.4 kB		228 kB 	[list of files]
arm 		107.9 kB		244 kB 	[list of files]
hppa 		113.7 kB		252 kB 	[list of files]
i386 		92.9 kB		224 kB 	[list of files]
ia64 		158.2 kB		460 kB 	[list of files]
mips 		118.9 kB		328 kB 	[list of files]
mipsel 	117.5 kB		320 kB 	[list of files]
powerpc 	102.8 kB		248 kB 	[list of files]
s390 		104.0 kB		244 kB 	[list of files]
sparc 	97.2 kB		236 kB 	[list of files]

I hope that you still have it somewhere,

Kind regards,

Herman Greeven

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