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Re: wiki sign up and wiki name with ''''''


Some built-in moinmoin pages are "corrupted" since the moinmoin
upgrade : it seems those pages are now re-escaped.

For instance, the text "FirstnameLastname" in UserPreferences, was
internally stored as Firstname''''''Lastname, so the CamelCase text
wasn't converted into a link... now it is actually displayed as

The same occurs when you click on the "Edit (Text)" link: You get some
weird encoded text :
 Emphasis:: [[Verbatim('')]]''italics''[[Verbatim('')]]; 
 [[Verbatim(''')]]'''bold'''[[Verbatim(''')]]; [[Verbat...

I guess this should be forwarded to Erinn.


On Thu, 2007-11-22 at 15:00 -0200, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
> On 22-11-2007 12:48, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > Is it true if I want to sign up with Wiki, I use 
> > 
> >   Use Firstname''''''Lastname
> 	Sorry Osamu, your message is a little bit cryptic
> for me, could you be a little bit more verbose?

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