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Bug#452794: packages.debian.org: Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: minor
Tags: patch

The top navigation bar in packages.d.o is always larger than the screen (no
matter what resolution) in most browsers. This makes browsers display a
quite useless (and annoying IMHO) horizontal scrollbar.

This might seem related to #375705, but this bug only applies to
packages.d.o. Also, I used Browsershots[1] to reproduce the problem, and the
horizontal scrollbar is displayed in all browsers except Epiphany 2.14 and
IE 5.5. The screenshots are available here[2].

 1. http://browsershots.org/
 2. http://ettin.org/tmp/pdo/screenshots-orig/

To fix the problem, I simply removed «width: 100%» from pnavbar in
packages.css(.sed.in). And, as you can see in this example[3] and the
screenshots[4], the result looks OK.

 3. http://ettin.org/tmp/pdo/test-1/random-example.html
 4. http://ettin.org/tmp/pdo/screenshots-test-1/

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