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Bug in MoinMoin on http://wiki.debian.org/

On So 11. Nov 22:42:37 CET 2007
the page "AktuelleÄnderungen" in the menu wich links to 

generates a page with the following messages:

Please include this information in your bug reports!:
Python Python 2.3.5: /usr/bin/python
Linux rietz #1 SMP Sat Nov 25 14:44:48 PST 2006 x86_64
MoinMoin Release 1.3.4 [Revision 1.3.4 release]
Sun Nov 11 21:44:48 2007
ValueErrorinvalid literal for long(): (Presentation -> Introduction)

and much more, wish is difficult to copy and paste here...

Jonas Stein

Systemadministrator CIP   http://www.ph-cip.uni-koeln.de/
Institute of Theoretical Physics    University of Cologne

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