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Bug#452397: Translating packages.debian.org

Package: www.debian.org
Version: N/A
Severity: wishlist

Hello WWW team,

I've translated four .pot files in packages/po into Simple Chinese:

Please find attached the translated file.

Kind regards

msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: langs\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2007-10-19 23:43+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-10-18 21:36+0800\n"
"Last-Translator: Vern Sun <s5unty@gmail.com>\n"
"Language-Team: Chinese\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:15
msgid "Arabic"
msgstr "阿拉伯语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:16
msgid "Finnish"
msgstr "芬兰语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:17
msgid "Croatian"
msgstr "克罗地亚语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:18
msgid "Danish"
msgstr "丹麦语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:19
msgid "Dutch"
msgstr "荷兰语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:20
msgid "English"
msgstr "英语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:21
msgid "Persian"
msgstr "波斯语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:22
msgid "French"
msgstr "法语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:23
msgid "German"
msgstr "德语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:24
msgid "Armenian"
msgstr "美式英语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:25
msgid "Italian"
msgstr "意大利语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:26
msgid "Japanese"
msgstr "日语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:27
msgid "Korean"
msgstr "韩语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:28
msgid "Spanish"
msgstr "西班牙语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:29
msgid "Portuguese"
msgstr "葡萄牙语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:30
msgid "Portuguese (Brasilia)"
msgstr "葡萄牙语 (巴西)"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:31
msgid "Portuguese (Portugal)"
msgstr "葡萄牙语 (葡萄牙)"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:32
msgid "Chinese"
msgstr "中文"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:33
msgid "Chinese (China)"
msgstr "中文 (大陆)"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:34
msgid "Chinese (Hong Kong)"
msgstr "中文 (香港)"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:35
msgid "Chinese (Taiwan)"
msgstr "中文 (台湾)"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:36 lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:37
msgid "Swedish"
msgstr "瑞典语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:38
msgid "Polish"
msgstr "波兰语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:39
msgid "Norwegian"
msgstr "挪威语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:40
msgid "Turkish"
msgstr "土耳其语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:41
msgid "Russian"
msgstr "俄语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:42
msgid "Czech"
msgstr "捷克语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:43
msgid "Esperanto"
msgstr "世界语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:44
msgid "Hungarian"
msgstr "匈牙利语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:45
msgid "Romanian"
msgstr "罗马尼亚语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:46
msgid "Slovak"
msgstr "斯洛伐克语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:47
msgid "Greek"
msgstr "希腊语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:48
msgid "Catalan"
msgstr "加泰罗尼亚语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:49
msgid "Lithuanian"
msgstr "立陶宛语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:50
msgid "Slovene"
msgstr "斯洛文尼亚语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:51
msgid "Bulgarian"
msgstr "保加利亚语"

#: lib/Packages/I18N/LanguageNames.pm:52
msgid "Ukrainian"
msgstr "乌克兰语"
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: pdo\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2007-11-17 21:01+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-10-26 19:48+0800\n"
"Last-Translator: Vern Sun <s5unty@gmail.com>\n"
"Language-Team: Chinese\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

#: lib/Packages/DoDownload.pm:27 lib/Packages/DoFilelist.pm:27
#: lib/Packages/DoShow.pm:31
msgid "package not valid or not specified"
msgstr "软件包无效或未指定"

#: lib/Packages/DoDownload.pm:30 lib/Packages/DoFilelist.pm:30
#: lib/Packages/DoIndex.pm:31 lib/Packages/DoNewPkg.pm:22
#: lib/Packages/DoSearchContents.pm:30 lib/Packages/DoShow.pm:34
msgid "suite not valid or not specified"
msgstr "发行版不合法或未指定"

#: lib/Packages/DoDownload.pm:33 lib/Packages/DoFilelist.pm:33
msgid "architecture not valid or not specified"
msgstr "硬件架构不合法或未指定"

#: lib/Packages/DoDownload.pm:36
#, perl-format
msgid "more than one suite specified for download (%s)"
msgstr "不止一套发行版被指定下载(%s)"

#: lib/Packages/DoDownload.pm:40
#, perl-format
msgid "more than one architecture specified for download (%s)"
msgstr "不止一种硬件架构被指定下载(%s)"

#: lib/Packages/DoFilelist.pm:48
msgid "No such package in this suite on this architecture."
msgstr "在此发行版中这种硬件架构下缺少这样的软件包"

#: lib/Packages/DoFilelist.pm:60
msgid "Invalid suite/architecture combination"
msgstr "无效的发行版/硬件架构组合"

#: lib/Packages/DoIndex.pm:34
#, perl-format
msgid "more than one suite specified for show_static (%s)"
msgstr "不止一套发行版被指定 show_static(%s)"

#: lib/Packages/DoIndex.pm:38
#, perl-format
msgid "more than one subsection specified for show_static (%s)"
msgstr "不止一套子版面被指定 show_static(%s)"

#: lib/Packages/DoIndex.pm:75
#, perl-format
msgid "couldn't read index file %s: %s"
msgstr "未能读取索引文件 %s: %s"

#: lib/Packages/DoNewPkg.pm:25
#, perl-format
msgid "more than one suite specified for newpkg (%s)"
msgstr "不止一套发行版被指定显示(%s)"

#: lib/Packages/DoNewPkg.pm:43
#, perl-format
msgid "no newpkg information found for suite %s"
msgstr "没能在发行版 %s 中找到相关信息"

#: lib/Packages/DoSearch.pm:25 lib/Packages/DoSearchContents.pm:24
msgid "keyword not valid or missing"
msgstr "关键字不合法或不存在"

#: lib/Packages/DoSearch.pm:28 lib/Packages/DoSearchContents.pm:27
msgid "keyword too short (keywords need to have at least two characters)"
msgstr "关键字太短(关键字需要至少包含两个字符)"

#: lib/Packages/DoSearch.pm:165
msgid "Exact hits"
msgstr "完整匹配"

#: lib/Packages/DoSearch.pm:175
msgid "Other hits"
msgstr "部分匹配"

#: lib/Packages/DoSearch.pm:234
msgid "Virtual package"
msgstr "虚包"

#: lib/Packages/DoSearchContents.pm:40
#, perl-format
msgid "more than one suite specified for contents search (%s)"
msgstr "不止一套发行版被指定要求搜索其内容(%s)"

#: lib/Packages/DoSearchContents.pm:82
msgid "The search mode you selected doesn't support more than one keyword."
msgstr "您选择的搜索模式不支持多个关键字。"

#: lib/Packages/DoShow.pm:37
#, perl-format
msgid "more than one suite specified for show (%s)"
msgstr "不止一套发行版被指定显示(%s)"

#: lib/Packages/DoShow.pm:73
msgid "No such package."
msgstr "没有这样的软件包。"

#: lib/Packages/DoShow.pm:85
msgid "Package not available in this suite."
msgstr "软件包在当前发行版中暂时不可用。"

#: lib/Packages/DoShow.pm:198
msgid " and others"
msgstr " 以及其他的"

#: lib/Packages/DoShow.pm:429
#, perl-format
msgid "not %s"
msgstr "缺 %s"

#: lib/Packages/DoShow.pm:479
msgid "Package not available"
msgstr "软件包暂时不可用"

#: lib/Packages/DoShow.pm:518
msgid "Not available"
msgstr "暂时不可用"

#: lib/Packages/Page.pm:47
msgid "package has bad maintainer field"
msgstr "软件包存在错误的维护者字段"

#: lib/Packages/Dispatcher.pm:312
msgid "requested format not available for this document"
msgstr "要求的格式在此文档中暂时不可用"

#: bin/create_index_pages:233
msgid "Section"
msgstr "版面"

#: bin/create_index_pages:245
msgid "Subsection"
msgstr "子版面"

#: bin/create_index_pages:257
msgid "Priority"
msgstr "优先级"
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: sections\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2007-10-19 23:43+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-10-26 19:47+0800\n"
"Last-Translator: Vern Sun <s5unty@gmail.com>\n"
"Language-Team: Chinese\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:12
msgid "Administration Utilities"
msgstr "实用管理工具"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:13
msgid "Utilities to administer system resources, manage user accounts, etc."
msgstr "管理系统资源,维护用户账号等实用工具。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:14
msgid "Base Utilities"
msgstr "基础实用工具"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:15
msgid "Basic needed utilities of every Debian system."
msgstr "任何 Debian 系统必备的实用工具。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:16
msgid "Communication Programs"
msgstr "通讯程序"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:17
msgid "Software to use your modem in the old fashioned style."
msgstr "用于您老式调制解调器的软件。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:18
msgid "Development"
msgstr "开发"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:19
msgid ""
"Development utilities, compilers, development environments, libraries, etc."
msgstr "实用开发工具,编译器,开发环境,链接库,等等。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:20
msgid "Documentation"
msgstr "文档"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:21
msgid ""
"FAQs, HOWTOs and other documents trying to explain everything related to "
"Debian, and software needed to browse documentation (man, info, etc)."
msgstr ""
"FAQs,HOWTOs 以及其他的、尝试讲解有关 Debian 一切的文档,以及阅读文档时所需的"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:22
msgid "Editors"
msgstr "编辑器"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:23
msgid "Software to edit files. Programming environments."
msgstr "编辑文件的软件。程序编写环境。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:24
msgid "Electronics"
msgstr "电子工程学"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:25
msgid "Electronics utilities."
msgstr "实用电子工程学工具。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:26
msgid "Embedded software"
msgstr "嵌入式软件"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:27
msgid "Software suitable for use in embedded applications."
msgstr "适合于嵌入式应用的软件。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:28
msgid "Games"
msgstr "游戏"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:29
msgid "Programs to spend a nice time with after all this setting up."
msgstr "这些程序装完以后可以用来消谴娱乐。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:30
msgid "GNOME"
msgstr "GNOME"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:31
msgid ""
"The GNOME desktop environment, a powerful, easy to use set of integrated "
msgstr "GNOME 桌面环境,一组强大的、易用的、集成的应用程序。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:32
msgid "Graphics"
msgstr "图形"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:33
msgid "Editors, viewers, converters... Everything to become an artist."
msgstr "编辑器,浏览器,转换器……成为一名艺术家所需的一切。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:34
msgid "Ham Radio"
msgstr "业余无线电"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:35
msgid "Software for ham radio."
msgstr "业余无线电软件。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:36
msgid "Interpreters"
msgstr "解释器"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:37
msgid "All kind of interpreters for interpreted languages. Macro processors."
msgstr "各种解释型语言的解释器。巨集处理器。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:38
msgid "KDE"
msgstr "KDE"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:39
msgid ""
"The K Desktop Environment, a powerful, easy to use set of integrated "
msgstr "KDE 桌面环境。一组强大的、易用的、集成的应用程序。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:40
msgid "Libraries"
msgstr "链接库"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:41
msgid ""
"Libraries to make other programs work. They provide special features to "
msgstr "提供其他程序工作的链接库。是它们让开发者富有特色。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:42
msgid "Library development"
msgstr "链接库开发"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:43
msgid "Libraries necessary for developers to write programs that use them."
msgstr "当开发者要编写一些调用链接库的程序时所必需的链接库"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:44
msgid "Mail"
msgstr "邮件"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:45
msgid "Programs to route, read, and compose E-mail messages."
msgstr "投递、阅读、撰写电子邮件的程序。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:46
msgid "Mathematics"
msgstr "数学"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:47
msgid "Math software."
msgstr "数学软件。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:48
msgid "Miscellaneous"
msgstr "五花八门"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:49
msgid "Miscellaneous utilities that didn't fit well anywhere else."
msgstr "放在其他地方都不合适的各式各样的实用程序。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:50
msgid "Network"
msgstr "网络"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:51
msgid ""
"Daemons and clients to connect your Debian GNU/Linux system to the world."
msgstr "服务端程序和客户端程序使您的 Debian GNU/Linux 系统与世界相连接。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:52
msgid "Newsgroups"
msgstr "新闻组"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:53
msgid "Software to access Usenet, to set up news servers, etc."
msgstr "访问新闻网,设置新闻服务器等软件。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:54
msgid "Old Libraries"
msgstr "旧的链接库"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:55
msgid ""
"Old versions of libraries, kept for backward compatibility with old "
msgstr "老版本的链接库,为了向后兼容旧程序而继续保留。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:56
msgid "Other OS's and file systems"
msgstr "其他操作系统和文件系统"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:57
msgid ""
"Software to run programs compiled for other operating system, and to use "
"their filesystems."
msgstr "使得在其他操作系统上编译的软件得以运行,以及使用它们的文件系统。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:58
msgid "Perl"
msgstr "Perl"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:59
msgid "Everything about Perl, an interpreted scripting language."
msgstr "一切有关 Perl 的内容,一种解释型的脚本语言。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:60
msgid "Python"
msgstr "Python"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:61
msgid ""
"Everything about Python, an interpreted, interactive object oriented "
msgstr "一切有关 Python 的内容,一种解释型、面向对象的语言"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:62
msgid "Science"
msgstr "科研"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:63
msgid "Basic tools for scientific work"
msgstr "科研工作的初级工具"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:64
msgid "Shells"
msgstr "Shells"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:65
msgid "Command shells. Friendly user interfaces for beginners."
msgstr "命令行。友好的用户和计算机的交互界面。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:66
msgid "Sound"
msgstr "声音"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:67
msgid ""
"Utilities to deal with sound: mixers, players, recorders, CD players, etc."
msgstr "处理声音的实用程序: 混频器,播放器,录音器,CD 播放器,等等。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:68
msgid "TeX"
msgstr "TeX"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:69
msgid "The famous typesetting software and related programs."
msgstr "流行的文档排版及相关处理程序"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:70
msgid "Text Processing"
msgstr "文本处理"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:71
msgid "Utilities to format and print text documents."
msgstr "格式化和打印文本文档的实用工具。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:72
msgid "Translations"
msgstr "翻译"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:73
msgid "Translation packages and language support meta packages."
msgstr "一些提供翻译支持或语言支持的,自身不含内容但却依赖其他软件包的元包"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:74
msgid "Utilities"
msgstr "实用工具"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:75
msgid ""
"Utilities for file/disk manipulation, backup and archive tools, system "
"monitoring, input systems, etc."
msgstr "文件/磁盘操作,备份和打包工具,系统监控,输入系统,等等。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:76
msgid "Virtual packages"
msgstr "虚包"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:77
msgid "Virtual packages."
msgstr "虚拟的、逻辑的、概念上的软件包。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:78
msgid "Web Software"
msgstr "网页软件"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:79
msgid "Web servers, browsers, proxies, download tools etc."
msgstr "网页服务器,浏览器,代理,下载工具等。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:80
msgid "X Window System software"
msgstr "X 窗口系统软件"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:81
msgid ""
"X servers, libraries, fonts, window managers, terminal emulators and many "
"related applications."
msgstr "X 服务器,链接库,字体,窗口管理器,虚拟终端以及许多有关的应用程序。"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:82
msgid "debian-installer udeb packages"
msgstr "Debian 安装程序 udeb 包"

#: lib/Packages/Sections.pm:83
msgid ""
"Special packages for building customized debian-installer variants. Do not "
"install them on a normal system!"
msgstr ""
"一组特殊的包用于创建可定制的 Debian 安装程序的变体。请不要在一个普通系统上安"
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: pdo\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2007-10-14 00:02+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-10-26 19:43+0800\n"
"Last-Translator: Vern Sun <s5unty@gmail.com>\n"
"Language-Team: Chinese\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

#: templates/config.tmpl:40
msgid "Debian Web Mailinglist"
msgstr "Debian 邮件列表"

#: templates/config.tmpl:45
msgid "%s Webmaster"
msgstr "%s 网管"

#: templates/config.tmpl:48
msgid "%s is a <a href=\"%s\">trademark</a> of %s"
msgstr "%1$s 是 %3$s 的一个<a href=\"%3$s\">注册商标</a>"

#: templates/config.tmpl:53
msgid ""
"Please note that this is an experimental version of <a href=\"http://";
"packages.debian.org/\">packages.debian.org</a>. Errors and obsolete "
"information should be expected"
msgstr ""
"注意: 这是 <a href=\"http://packages.debian.org/\";>packages.debian.org</a> 的"

#. @translators: . = decimal_point , = thousands_sep, see Number::Format 
#: templates/config.tmpl:56
msgid "."
msgstr ""

#: templates/config.tmpl:57
msgid ","
msgstr ""

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:4
msgid "Intel x86"
msgstr "Interl x86"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:5
msgid "Motorola 680x0"
msgstr "Motorola 680x0"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:6
msgid "SPARC"
msgstr "SPARC"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:7
msgid "Alpha"
msgstr "Alpha"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:8
msgid "PowerPC"
msgstr "PowerPC"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:9
msgid "ARM"
msgstr "ARM"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:10
msgid "HP PA-RISC"
msgstr "HP PA-RISC"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:11
msgid "Intel IA-64"
msgstr "Intel IA-64"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:12
msgid "MIPS (big-endian)"
msgstr "MIPS (大端)"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:13
msgid "MIPS (little-endian)"
msgstr "MIPS (小端)"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:14
msgid "IBM S/390"
msgstr "IBM S/390"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:15
msgid "Hurd (i386)"
msgstr "Hurd (i386)"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:16
msgid "AMD64"
msgstr "AMD64"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:17
msgid "EABI ARM"
msgstr "EABI ARM"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:18
msgid "GNU/kFreeBSD (i386)"
msgstr "GNU/kFreeBSD (i386)"

#: templates/config/architectures.tmpl:19
msgid "GNU/kFreeBSD (amd64)"
msgstr "GNU/kFreeBSD (amd64)"

#: templates/config/mirrors.tmpl:182
msgid "North America"
msgstr "北美洲"

#: templates/config/mirrors.tmpl:183
msgid "South America"
msgstr "南美洲"

#: templates/config/mirrors.tmpl:184
msgid "Asia"
msgstr "亚洲"

#: templates/config/mirrors.tmpl:185
msgid "Australia and New Zealand"
msgstr "澳洲和大洋洲"

#: templates/config/mirrors.tmpl:186
msgid "Europe"
msgstr "欧洲"

#: templates/config/mirrors.tmpl:187
msgid "Africa"
msgstr "非洲"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:2
msgid "Package Download Selection -- %s"
msgstr "软件包下载地址选集 -- %s"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:5 templates/html/filelist.tmpl:5
#: templates/html/index.tmpl:10 templates/html/show.tmpl:14
msgid "Distribution:"
msgstr "发行版:"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:5 templates/html/filelist.tmpl:5
#: templates/html/index.tmpl:10 templates/html/show.tmpl:14
msgid "Overview over this suite"
msgstr "该发行版一览"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:6 templates/html/filelist.tmpl:6
#: templates/html/show.tmpl:17
msgid "Package:"
msgstr "软件包:"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:8
msgid "Download"
msgstr "下载"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:17
msgid "Download Page for <kbd>%s</kbd> on %s machines"
msgstr "用在 %2$s 上 <kbd>%1$s</kbd> 的下载页面"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:19
msgid "Download Page for <kbd>%s</kbd>"
msgstr "<kbd>%s</kbd> 的下载页面"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:23
msgid ""
"If you are running %s, it is strongly suggested to use a package manager "
"like <a href=\"%s\">aptitude</a> or <a href=\"%s\">synaptic</a> to download "
"and install packages, instead of doing so manually via this website."
msgstr ""
"如果您正在运行 %s,请尽量使用像 <a href=\"%s\">aptitude</a> 或者 <a href=\"%s"
"\">synaptic</a> 一样的软件包管理器,代替人工手动操作的方式从这个网页下载并安"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:25
msgid ""
"You should be able to use any of the listed mirrors by adding a line to your "
"<kbd>/etc/apt/sources.list</kbd> like this:"
msgstr ""
"您可以使用以下列表中的任何一个源镜像只要往您的 <kbd>/etc/apt/sources.list</"
"kbd> 文件中像下面这样添加一行:"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:30
msgid "Replacing <em>%s</em> with the mirror in question."
msgstr "请使用最终确定的源镜像替换 <em>%s</em>。"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:37 templates/html/show.tmpl:145
msgid "Experimental package"
msgstr "试制(Experimental)软件包"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:38
msgid ""
"Warning: This package is from the <strong>experimental</strong> "
"distribution. That means it is likely unstable or buggy, and it may even "
"cause data loss. Please be sure to consult the changelog and other possible "
"documentation before using it."
msgstr ""
"警告: 这个软件包来自于 <strong>experimental</strong> 发行版。这表示它很有可能"
"表现出不稳定或者出现 bug ,甚至是导致资料损失。请务必在使用之前查阅 "
"changelog 以及其他潜在的文档。"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:41 templates/html/show.tmpl:150
msgid "debian-installer udeb package"
msgstr "Debian 安装程序 udeb 包"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:42 templates/html/show.tmpl:151
msgid ""
"Warning: This package is intended for the use in building <a href=\"http://";
"www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer\">debian-installer</a> images only. Do "
"not install it on a normal %s system."
msgstr ""
"警告: 这个软件包专门用于构建 <a href=\"http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-";
"installer\"> Debian 安装程序</a>(debian-installer)镜像。不要在一个普通的 %s "

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:49
msgid ""
"You can download the requested file from the <tt>%s</tt> subdirectory at any "
"of these sites:"
msgstr "您可以从以下任意站点的 <tt>%s</tt> 子目录中下载所需的文件:"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:75
msgid ""
"You can download the requested file from the <tt>%s</tt> subdirectory at:"
msgstr "您可以从 <tt>%s</tt> 子目录中下载所需的文件:"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:77
msgid "%s security updates are officially distributed only via <tt>%s</tt>."
msgstr "官方认可的 %s 安全更新只经由 <tt>%s</tt> 发布。"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:84
msgid ""
"If none of the above sites are fast enough for you, please see our <a href="
"\"%s\">complete mirror list</a>."
msgstr ""
"如果您感觉以上站点的速度都不够理想,请查看我们的<a href=\"%s\">完整源镜像列表"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:92
msgid ""
"Note that %s is not officially included in the %s archive yet, but the %s "
"porter group keeps their archive in sync with the official archive as close "
"as possible. See the <a href=\"%s\">%s ports page</a> for current "
msgstr ""
"注意: %s 目前还没有被 %s 官方收录,但是有 %s 移植小组负责尽可能的保证它们与官"
"方收录的档案相一致。请查看 <a href=\"%s\">%s 移植页面</a>了解最新信息。"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:96
msgid ""
"Note that in some browsers you will need to tell your browser you want the "
"file saved to a file. For example, in Firefox or Mozilla, you should hold "
"the Shift key when you click on the URL."
msgstr ""
"注意: 某些浏览器需要您明确告诉它们,您仅仅是想保存这些文件,并非查看或运行它"
"们。对于 Firefox 或者 Mozilla ,您可能需要在按住 Shift 键的同时点击上面的 "
"URL 链接。"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:100
msgid "More information on <kbd>%s</kbd>:"
msgstr "有关 <kbd>%s</kbd> 的更多信息:"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:102
msgid "Exact Size"
msgstr "实际大小"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:102
msgid "%s Byte (%s %s)"
msgstr "%s 字节(%s %s)"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:103 templates/html/show.tmpl:320
msgid "MD5 checksum"
msgstr "MD5 校验码"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:104
msgid "SHA1 checksum"
msgstr "SHA1 校验码"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:104 templates/html/download.tmpl:105
msgid "Not Available"
msgstr "不存在"

#: templates/html/download.tmpl:105
msgid "SHA256 checksum"
msgstr "SHA256 校验码"

#: templates/html/filelist.tmpl:2
msgid "Filelist of package %s/%s/%s"
msgstr "软件包的文件清单: %s/%s/%s"

#: templates/html/filelist.tmpl:3
msgid ""
"Filelist of package <em>%s</em> in <em>%s</em> of architecture <em>%s</em>"
msgstr ""
"在 <em>%2$s</em> 发行版中 <em>%3$s</em> 硬件架构下的 <em>%1$s</em> 软件包文件"

#: templates/html/filelist.tmpl:8
msgid "Filelist"
msgstr "文件清单"

#: templates/html/foot.tmpl:11
msgid "This page is also available in the following languages:"
msgstr "本页面还能应用以下各种语言浏览:"

#: templates/html/foot.tmpl:22
msgid "How to set <a href=\"%s\">the default document language</a>"
msgstr "<a href=\"%s\">如何设置缺省语言</a>"

#: templates/html/foot.tmpl:27
msgid "Back to:"
msgstr "返回到:"

#: templates/html/foot.tmpl:27 templates/html/head.tmpl:64
msgid "%s Homepage"
msgstr "%s 首页"

#: templates/html/foot.tmpl:27
msgid "Packages search page"
msgstr "软件包搜索页面"

#: templates/html/foot.tmpl:31
msgid ""
"To report a problem with the web site, e-mail <a href=\"mailto:%s\";>%s</a>. "
"For other contact information, see the %s <a href=\"%s\">contact page</a>."
msgstr ""
"报告本网站的问题,请发送电子邮件至 <a href=\"mailto:%s\";>%s</a>。请查阅 %s "
"<a href=\"%s\">联系方式</a>了解更多信息。"

#: templates/html/foot.tmpl:33 templates/txt/index.tmpl:4
msgid "Generated:"
msgstr "最近修订日期:"

#: templates/html/foot.tmpl:35
msgid ""
"Content Copyright &copy; %s <a href=\"%s\">%s</a>; See <a href=\"%s"
"\">license terms</a>."
msgstr ""
"版权所有 &copy; %s <a href=\"%s\">%s</a>; 查阅<a href=\"%s\">许可证条款</a>。"

#: templates/html/foot.tmpl:39
msgid "Learn more about this site"
msgstr "了解更多有关本站点的内容"

#: templates/html/head.tmpl:46
msgid "Search"
msgstr "搜索"

#: templates/html/head.tmpl:49
msgid "package names"
msgstr "软件包名"

#: templates/html/head.tmpl:50
msgid "descriptions"
msgstr "描述信息"

#: templates/html/head.tmpl:51
msgid "source package names"
msgstr "源码包名"

#: templates/html/head.tmpl:52
msgid "package contents"
msgstr "软件包内容"

#: templates/html/head.tmpl:55
msgid "all options"
msgstr "全部搜索项"

#: templates/html/head.tmpl:62
msgid "skip the navigation"
msgstr "略过导航栏"

#: templates/html/head.tmpl:65
msgid "%s Packages Homepage"
msgstr "%s 软件包首页"

#: templates/html/head.tmpl:65 templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:100
#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:124
msgid "Packages"
msgstr "软件包"

#: templates/html/index.tmpl:3
msgid "Source Packages in \"%s\", %s %s"
msgstr "属于 \"%1$s\" 发行版 %3$s %2$s的源码包"

#: templates/html/index.tmpl:4
msgid "Source Packages in \"%s\""
msgstr "属于 \"%1$s\" 发行版的源码包"

#: templates/html/index.tmpl:6
msgid "Software Packages in \"%s\", %s %s"
msgstr "属于 \"%1$s\" 发行版 %3$s %2$s的软件包"

#: templates/html/index.tmpl:7
msgid "Software Packages in \"%s\""
msgstr "属于 \"%1$s\" 发行版的软件包"

#: templates/html/index.tmpl:14
msgid "All Packages"
msgstr "所有包"

#: templates/html/index.tmpl:16 templates/html/show.tmpl:15
#: templates/html/suite_index.tmpl:2
msgid "Source"
msgstr "源代码"

#: templates/html/index.tmpl:43 templates/html/show.tmpl:247
#: templates/txt/index.tmpl:15
msgid "virtual package provided by"
msgstr "本虚包由这些包填实:"

#: templates/html/newpkg.tmpl:2 templates/html/newpkg.tmpl:7
msgid "New Packages in \"%s\""
msgstr "属于 \"%s\" 发行版的新进软件包"

#: templates/html/newpkg.tmpl:11
msgid ""
"The following packages were added to suite <em>%s</em> (section %s) in the %"
"s archive during the last 7 days."
msgstr "以下是在最近 7 天内被选进 <em>%s</em> 发行版( %s 版面)之中的软件包。"

#: templates/html/newpkg.tmpl:14
msgid ""
"The following packages were added to suite <em>%s</em> in the %s archive "
"during the last 7 days."
msgstr "以下是在最近 7 天内被选进 %2$s 的 %1$s 发行版之中的软件包。"

#: templates/html/newpkg.tmpl:18
msgid " You can also display this list <a href=\"%s\">sorted by name</a>."
msgstr " 您还可以<a href=\"%s\">按文件名顺序</a>显示这个列表。"

#: templates/html/newpkg.tmpl:20
msgid " You can also display this list <a href=\"%s\">sorted by age</a>."
msgstr " 您还可以<a href=\"%s\">按入选时间顺序</a>显示这个列表。"

#: templates/html/newpkg.tmpl:22
msgid ""
"This information is also available as an <a href=\"newpkg?format=rss\">RSS "
msgstr "这些信息还可以被 <a href=\"newpkg?format=rss\">RSS 订阅</a>"

#: templates/html/newpkg.tmpl:23
msgid "[RSS 1.0 Feed]"
msgstr "[RSS 1.0 Feed]"

#: templates/html/newpkg.tmpl:28
msgid " <em>(%u days old)</em>"
msgstr " <em>(%u 天前)</em>"

#: templates/html/newpkg.tmpl:32 templates/html/suite_index.tmpl:39
msgid "List of all packages"
msgstr "所有软件包列表"

#: templates/html/newpkg.tmpl:32 templates/html/suite_index.tmpl:41
msgid "All packages"
msgstr "所有软件包"

#: templates/html/newpkg.tmpl:33 templates/html/suite_index.tmpl:45
msgid "compact compressed textlist"
msgstr "经过压缩的文本清单"

#: templates/html/newpkg.tmpl:34
msgid "New packages in "
msgstr "所属的新进软件包"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:19
msgid "Package Search Results -- %s"
msgstr "软件包搜索结果 -- %s"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:28
msgid "Package Search Results"
msgstr "软件包搜索结果"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:33
msgid ""
"You can try a different search on the <a href=\"%s#search_packages"
"\">Packages search page</a>."
msgstr ""
"您可以在<a href=\"%s#search_packages\">软件包搜索页面</a>重新搜索一次。"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:37
msgid ""
"You have searched only for words exactly matching your keywords. You can try "
"to search <a href=\"%s\">allowing subword matching</a>."
msgstr ""
"您刚才搜索的仅限于完整匹配您指定关键字的内容。您还可以尝试搜索<a href=\"%s\">"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:42
msgid ""
"<a href=\"%s\">%u</a> results have not been displayed due to the search "
msgstr ""
"由于参数界定了搜索范围,导致 <a href=\"%s\">%u</a> 个相关结果没有列出。"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:51
msgid "all suites"
msgstr "所有发行版"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:51
msgid "suite(s) <em>$suite_enc</em>"
msgstr " <em>$suite_enc</em> 发行版"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:52 templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:72
msgid "all sections"
msgstr "所有版面"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:52
msgid "section(s) <em>$section_enc</em>"
msgstr " <em>$section_enc</em> 版面"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:53 templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:73
msgid "all architectures"
msgstr "所有硬件架构"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:53
msgid "architecture(s) <em>$architectures_enc</em>"
msgstr " <em>$architectures_enc</em> 硬件架构"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:55
msgid "source packages"
msgstr "源码包"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:55
msgid "packages"
msgstr "软件包"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:56
msgid ""
"You have searched for %s that names contain <em>%s</em> in %s, %s, and %s."
msgstr ""
"您在%3$s中%5$s下%4$s里,指定关键字 <em>%2$s</em> 在%1$s名称中搜索的结果。"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:59
msgid " (including subword matching)"
msgstr "(包括部分关键字匹配)"

#. @translators: I'm really sorry :/
#: templates/html/search.tmpl:61
msgid ""
"You have searched for <em>%s</em> in packages names and descriptions in %s, %"
"s, and %s%s."
msgstr ""
"您在%2$s中%4$s下%3$s里,指定关键字 <em>%1$s</em> 在软件包名称和描述信息中搜索"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:67
msgid "Found <strong>%u</strong> matching packages."
msgstr "找到 <strong>%u</strong> 个匹配的软件包。"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:72
msgid ""
"Note that this only shows the best matches, sorted by relevance. If the "
"first few packages don't match what you searched for, try using more "
"keywords or alternative keywords."
msgstr ""
"注意: 这里列出的是最符合搜索关键字要求的结果,并按相关性作了排序。如果前几个"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:74
msgid ""
"Your search was too wide so we will only display exact matches. At least <em>"
"%u</em> results have been omitted and will not be displayed. Please consider "
"using a longer keyword or more keywords."
msgstr ""
"由于您的搜索范围太大我们只列出了能完整匹配搜索关键字的结果。至少有 <em>%u</"
"em> 个相关结果没有被列出。请考虑更换一个更准确的关键字或者添加更多的关键字。"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:79 templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:131
msgid "Sorry, your search gave no results"
msgstr "很遗憾,您没能搜索到任何结果"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:86
msgid "Package %s"
msgstr "软件包 %s"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:96
msgid "also provided by:"
msgstr "同时提供该包的还有:"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:96
msgid "provided by:"
msgstr "由这些包填实:"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:105
msgid "Source Package %s"
msgstr "源码包 %s"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:113
msgid "Binary packages:"
msgstr "二进制包:"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:115
msgid "%u binary packages"
msgstr "%u 个二进制包"

#: templates/html/search.tmpl:125
msgid ""
"<a href=\"%s\">%u</a> results have not been displayed because you requested "
"only exact matches."
msgstr ""
"<a href=\"%s\">%u</a> 个相关结果没有被列出,原因是您要求搜索能完整匹配您指定"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:14
msgid "Package Contents Search Results -- %s"
msgstr "软件包内容搜索结果 -- %s"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:17
msgid "Package Contents Search Results"
msgstr "软件包内容搜索结果"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:34
msgid "Search for <em>%s</em> within filenames"
msgstr "搜索文件名与 <em>%s</em> 相似的内容"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:39
msgid "Search exact filename <em>%s</em>"
msgstr "搜索文件名和 <em>%s</em> 相同的内容"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:44
msgid "Search for paths ending with <em>%s</em>"
msgstr "搜索文件名以 <em>%s</em> 结尾的内容"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:48
msgid "Search in other suite:"
msgstr "在其他的发行版中搜索:"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:58
msgid "Limit search to a specific architecture:"
msgstr "只搜索某一种硬件架构:"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:63
msgid "Search in <a href=\"%s\">all architectures</a>"
msgstr "在<a href=\"%s\">所有硬件架构</a>中搜索"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:72
msgid "section(s) <em>%s</em>"
msgstr " <em>%s</em> 版面"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:73
msgid "architecture(s) <em>%s</em>"
msgstr " <em>%s</em> 硬件架构"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:74
msgid "paths that end with"
msgstr "路径末尾是"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:76
msgid "files named"
msgstr "文件名称为"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:78
msgid "filenames that contain"
msgstr "文件名含有"

#. @translators: I'm really sorry :/ 
#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:81
msgid "You have searched for %s <em>%s</em> in suite <em>%s</em>, %s, and %s."
msgstr ""
"您在 <em>%3$s</em> 发行版中%5$s下%4$s里,搜索了%1$s <em>%2$s</em> 的内容。"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:85
msgid "Found <strong>%u results</strong>."
msgstr "找到了 <strong>%u</strong> 个相关结果。"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:88
msgid ""
"Note: Your search was too wide so we will only display only the first about "
"100 matches. Please consider using a longer keyword or more keywords."
msgstr ""
"注意: 由于您的搜索范围太大我们只列出了前 100 个结果。请考虑更换一个更准确的关"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:97
msgid "Sort results by filename"
msgstr "按文件名排序"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:98
#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:124 templates/html/show.tmpl:320
msgid "File"
msgstr "文件"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:99
msgid "Sort results by package name"
msgstr "按软件包名排序"

#: templates/html/search_contents.tmpl:114
msgid "not %s"
msgstr "除 %s"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:15
msgid "Source packages"
msgstr "源码包"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:16
msgid "Section:"
msgstr "版面:"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:16
msgid "All packages in this section"
msgstr "属于本版面的所有软件包"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:21
msgid "Details of source package %s in %s"
msgstr "在 %2$s 中的 %1$s 源码包详细信息"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:22
msgid "Details of package %s in %s"
msgstr "在 %2$s 中的 %1$s 软件包详细信息"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:45
msgid "Source:"
msgstr "源代码:"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:45
msgid "Source package building this package"
msgstr "构建这个包的源码包"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:52
msgid "Virtual Package: %s"
msgstr "虚包: %s"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:54
msgid "Source Package: %s (%s)"
msgstr "源码包: %s (%s)"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:56
msgid "Package: %s (%s)"
msgstr "软件包: %s (%s)"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:60
msgid "essential"
msgstr "必备"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:64
msgid "Links for %s"
msgstr "%s 的相关链接"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:65
msgid "Debian Resources:"
msgstr "Debian 的资源:"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:67
msgid "Bug Reports"
msgstr "报告问题"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:70 templates/html/show.tmpl:72
msgid "Developer Information (PTS)"
msgstr "开发者信息(PTS)"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:76
msgid "%s Changelog"
msgstr "%s Changelog"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:77
msgid "Copyright File"
msgstr "版权文件"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:81
msgid "Debian Source Repository"
msgstr "Debian 源代码仓库"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:95
msgid "Download Source Package <a href=\"%s\">%s</a>:"
msgstr "下载源码包 <a href=\"%s\">%s</a>:"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:102
msgid "Not found"
msgstr "未找到"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:107
msgid "Maintainer:"
msgstr "维护者:"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:109
msgid "Maintainers:"
msgstr "维护小组:"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:114
msgid "An overview over the maintainer's packages and uploads"
msgstr "该维护者负责的软件包一览"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:114
msgid "QA Page"
msgstr "QA 页面"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:122
msgid "External Resources:"
msgstr "外部的资源:"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:124
msgid "Homepage"
msgstr "主页"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:130
msgid "Similar packages:"
msgstr "相似软件包:"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:146
msgid ""
"Warning: This package is from the <strong>experimental</strong> "
"distribution. That means it is likely unstable or buggy, and it may even "
"cause data loss. Please be sure to consult the <a href=\"%s\">changelog</a> "
"and other possible documentation before using it."
msgstr ""
"警告: 这个软件包来自于 <strong>experimental</strong> 发行版。这表示它很有可能"
"表现出不稳定或者出现 bug ,甚至是导致资料损失。请务必在使用之前查阅 <a href="
"\"%s\">changelog</a> 以及其他潜在的文档。"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:169
msgid ""
"This is a <em>virtual package</em>. See the <a href=\"%s\">Debian policy</a> "
"for a <a href=\"%sch-binary.html#s-virtual_pkg\">definition of virtual "
msgstr ""
"这是一个<em>虚包</em>。查看<a href=\"%s\">Debian 政策</a>了解<a href=\"%sch-"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:177
msgid "Tags"
msgstr "标签"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:200
msgid "Packages providing %s"
msgstr "负责填实 %s 的软件包"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:209
msgid "The following binary packages are built from this source package:"
msgstr "本源码包构建了以下这些二进制包:"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:218
msgid "Other Packages Related to %s"
msgstr "其它与 %s 有关的软件包"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:220
msgid "legend"
msgstr "图例"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:222
msgid "build-depends"
msgstr "完整构建时刻依赖"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:223
msgid "build-depends-indep"
msgstr "单独构建时刻依赖"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:225
msgid "depends"
msgstr "依赖"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:226
msgid "recommends"
msgstr "推荐"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:227
msgid "suggests"
msgstr "建议"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:237
msgid "or "
msgstr "或者"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:245
msgid "also a virtual package provided by"
msgstr "同时作为一个虚包由这些包填实:"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:252
msgid "%u providing packages"
msgstr "%u 个虚包填实者"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:270
msgid "Download %s"
msgstr "下载 %s"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:272
msgid ""
"The download table links to the download of the package and a file overview. "
"In addition it gives information about the package size and the installed "
msgstr ""

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:273
msgid "Download for all available architectures"
msgstr "下载可用于所有硬件架构的"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:274
msgid "Architecture"
msgstr "硬件架构"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:275
msgid "Version"
msgstr "版本"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:276
msgid "Package Size"
msgstr "软件包大小"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:277
msgid "Installed Size"
msgstr "安装后大小"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:278
msgid "Files"
msgstr "文件"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:286
msgid "(unofficial port)"
msgstr "(非官方移植版)"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:297 templates/html/show.tmpl:325
msgid "%s&nbsp;kB"
msgstr "%s&nbsp;kB"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:300
msgid "list of files"
msgstr "文件列表"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:302
msgid "no current information"
msgstr "没有当前信息"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:319
msgid "Download information for the files of this source package"
msgstr "源码包文件的下载信息"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:320
msgid "Size (in kB)"
msgstr "大小(单位: kB)"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:338
msgid ""
"Debian Package Source Repository (<acronym title=\"Version Control System"
"\">VCS</acronym>: <a href=\"%s\">%s</a>)"
msgstr ""
"Debian 软件包源码仓库(<acronym title=\"Version Control System\">VCS</"
"acronym>: <a href=\"%s\">%s</a>)"

#: templates/html/show.tmpl:342
msgid "Debian Package Source Repository (Browsable)"
msgstr "Debian 软件包源码仓库(可在线浏览)"

#: templates/html/suite_index.tmpl:3
msgid "Index"
msgstr "索引"

#: templates/html/suite_index.tmpl:5 templates/html/suite_index.tmpl:20
msgid "List of sections in \"%s\""
msgstr "\"%s\" 版面列表"

#: templates/html/suite_index.tmpl:38
msgid "List of all source packages"
msgstr "所有源码包列表"

#: templates/html/suite_index.tmpl:40
msgid "All source packages"
msgstr "所有源码包"

#: templates/html/tag_index.tmpl:2 templates/html/tag_index.tmpl:7
msgid "Overview of available Debian Package Tags"
msgstr "Debian 软件包合法标签一览"

#: templates/html/tag_index.tmpl:4
msgid "About"
msgstr "关于"

#: templates/html/tag_index.tmpl:5
msgid "Debtags"
msgstr "Debtags"

#: templates/html/tag_index.tmpl:10
msgid "Facet: %s"
msgstr "分类: %s"

#: templates/rss/newpkg.tmpl:16
msgid "New %s Packages"
msgstr "新的 %s 软件包"

#: templates/rss/newpkg.tmpl:20
msgid ""
"The following packages were added to suite %s (section %s) in the %s archive "
"during the last 7 days."
msgstr ""
"以下是在最近 7 天内被选进 %3$s 的 %1$s 发行版( %2$s 版面)之中的软件包。"

#: templates/rss/newpkg.tmpl:23
msgid ""
"The following packages were added to suite %s in the %s archive during the "
"last 7 days."
msgstr "以下是在最近 7 天内被选进 %2$s 的 %1$s 发行版之中的软件包。"

#: templates/rss/newpkg.tmpl:28 templates/txt/index.tmpl:5
msgid "Copyright ©"
msgstr "Copyright ©"

#: templates/txt/index.tmpl:2
msgid "All %s Packages in \"%s\""
msgstr "\"%2$s\" 包含所有的 %1$s 软件包"

#: templates/txt/index.tmpl:6
msgid "See <URL:%s> for the license terms."
msgstr "查看 <URL:%s> 以便了解许可证的各项条款。"

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