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Bug#453284: Formulation about followup messages is confusing

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch

On http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer, under "Followup messages",
there is some confusing text about several bug addresses.  I think
things would be more clear with a list of addresses and what they do:

The bug tracking system will include the submitter's address and the bug
address (nnn@bugs.debian.org) in the Reply-To header after forwarding
the bug report. Please note that these are two distinct addresses.

If a developer wishes to reply to a bug report they should simply reply
to the message, respecting the Reply-To header. This will not close the

Do not use the reply to all recipients or followup feature of your
mailer unless you intend to edit down the recipients substantially. In
particular, see that you don't send followup messages to

There are some special addresses which all record the mail in the BTS,
but have different addresses to which they forward it.  These are:

* nnn@bugs.debian.org: To the maintainer and subscribers.  This does
  *not* go to the submitter.
* nnn-submitter@bugs.debian.org: To the submitter.  This does *not* go
  to the maintainer.
* nnn-maintonly@bugs.debian.org: To the maintainer.  This does not go to
  subscribers, and not even to debian-bugs-dist.
* nnn-quiet@bugs.debian.org: This doesn't go anywhere (except to the
  BTS archive).

When several of these addresses are used in combination, the mail is
only archived once in the BTS.  For example, to send the message to the
maintainer and the submitter, you can use To: nnn@bugs.debian.org,
nnn-submitter@bugs.debian.org .


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