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Re: New security/audit pages not translatable

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On 29-11-2007 11:46, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Thursday 29 November 2007, Steve Kemp wrote:
>>  They shouldn't have anything to be translated in them (though right now
>>  there are about three small strings that are there).
> Are you perhaps referring to strings like
>   <dd><p>$credit discovered that $package contained a $type
>   vulnerability.</p></dd>
> and
>   <p>No advisories found.</p>
> in make-advisories?
> In that case it would be very nice if those were gettexted. The only problem 
> I see is that some languages would need different declinations for 
> male/female $credit (probably not a problem in practise :-) and maybe how 
> to get $type and maybe even $date translated.

	Ok, so let's try to integrate another team player so
we can together improve it. :-)

 * english/po/Makefile

	Contains the list of files that will be gettexted, you
	can simply add the files in the right tag.

		security_FILES  = $(TEMPLDIR)/security.wml \

	You need to use <gettext domain="">Lorem Ipsum</gettext>
	on the target file to allow xwmlgettext to get it. :-)

	This will make things appear in security.pot and, of
	course, when translators run 'make update-po' they will
	find the new unstranslated strings.

 * english/template/debian/ctime.wml

	It contains several time formats that you can use to
	define what you want, please, take a quick look at
	News and security, it pretty much does what you want,
	specially DSAs, with regards to data files and automatic

	I'm during the final exams week at University, so I'm
without much time, I can implement what is needed during the
weekend or next week. But I would gladly accept your patches
with first steps. :)

Kind regards,

PS: I'm subscribed to -www
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