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Re: broken link on http://www.debian.org/social_contract

On Sun, 18 Nov 2007 23:54:35 -0200, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
<faw@funlabs.org> said:  

> On 31-10-2007 09:05, Thiemo Nagel wrote:
>> Hello,
>> just to let you know: The link "Open Source Definition", pointing to
>> http://www.opensource.org/docs/definition_plain.html> 
>> is outdated.
>> It seems to me that the correct URL would be:
>> http://www.opensource.org/docs/osd> 
>> Kind regards,

> 	Ok, this information is correct, but I'm not sure if
> anyone can change the Social Contract, I'm cc:ing Manoj, and attached
> is the proposed patch by smart_change.pl.

        I think this change is Ok. It is not as if we are changing the
 social contract;  this is a bug fix.  And, if memory serves me
 correctly, the document we voted on was plain text; the HTML version
 was created by me after the fact; and the URL's were  added while doing

> 	I didn't touch the old versions of Social Contract,
> if is is OK, I can apply smart_change on them too.

        Please do.

        And thanks for keeping the web site sane :-)

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