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Re: packages search tool became more restrictive

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On 05-11-2007 17:51, Martin Shaffer Levac wrote:
> Hi,

	Hi Martin, thanks for your contact.

> Now, when I look for a packages at the web page:
> http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages#search_packages
> the search is extremely restrictive, even if i don't check the «Only
> show exact matches» checkbox.
> By example, if I look for «php» nothing is found!  If I look for «php5»,
> I get 50 matches!

	Now, the search stops if you hit more than 100 entries,
if I search for php I got this error:

| You have searched for packages that names contain php in suite(s) stable,
| all sections, and all architectures.
| Your search was too wide so we will only display exact matches. At least
| 100 results have been omitted and will not be displayed. Please consider
| using a longer keyword or more keywords.

	When you use php5, you exclude all other 'php' (only php)
and that makes the search not too wide.

> That makes it very likely for somehow to think that no packages related
> to some topics are available while there are plenty of them.
> If I don't know which is the current PHP version, I'll find nothing!

	I'm not sure why the error message didn't appear to you, but I
think it is pretty clear that the problem is the fact that the keyword
hit too many packages.

	You can always use apt-cache search and use a more restrictive
search, you can also browse the directory/section:


	Kind regards,
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