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Info on this site

Dear webmasters and maintainers,
please apologize my disturbance, but I would like to ask you, why important 
debian related messages are never shown on the homepages.

What I mean with "important messages" ?

Well, I think, if a debian server would have been compromised, this should be 
appear at once on the webside. Also, when the main server is down, everyone 
should be informed about the non-reachable server (like at the moment). 
IMO , these informations belong to open source policy as well, don't you think 
so ?

My intension is, just a wish to you, you might populate such important things 
not only in blogs, but on the homepage as well. If I am wrong, just let me 
know or forget this mail.

Thank you for your attention !

Best regards

Hans-J. Ullrich

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