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sidux - Debian sid based distro since Nov-2006


This page, http://www.debian.org/misc/children-distros,
is somewhat dated. 
Please add "sidux" as an active Debian based distro. 
http://www.sidux.com/index.html since November 2006.

The Kanotix project changed to follow Debian testing. 
sidux occurred to continue following Debian sid. 

	"sidux - Debian, hot & spicy!"

sidux-2007-01 "Χάος" (chaos) released 2007-02-21 
currently previewing sidux-2007-04 "Ἔρως" (eros)

sidux is a rolling distribution based on the Linux 
kernel, Debian's most modern branch (called "sid") and 
many free and open source applications. Released as 32- 
& 64-bit, KDE-based liveCD ISOs approximately every 
three months, It may be installed and used as is, though 
most follow the weekly recommended dist-upgrade in 
runlevel 3, theoretically, forever. 

Or, use the "smxi" script which will do this and much 
more.  Either way, one should always be alert to the 
screen messages.  Using -y is not recommended. :)

At the beginners wiki you will find lots of how-tos and 
explanations regarding sidux, what sidux is all about, 
how you may try it out and some other basics in regard 
to Linux.

The most frequently asked questions are answered in our 
manual, http://manual.sidux.com/.  In our forum, we are 
eager to answer your questions and to assist you with 
all sorts of problems.  

You also may post your questions and problems in the IRC 
chat. Look for Chat on the left side of the sidux pages. 
If you obey our rules and regulations, you may start 

Welcome to "sidux - Debian, hot & spicy!"


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