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mirror/list translatability


The other day I noticed that it was illogical to have the exact same
file for /mirror/list as we do for <anymirror>/debian/README.mirrors.html,
so I started moving it into WML, which also has the nifty side effect of
making it translatable. Incidentally, this fixes #155283, which is over
five years old :)

If nobody objects, I'm also going to add /mirror/list.wml right next
to the /distrib/* stuff, in the "most important to translate" section
of /devel/website/translation_hints.

The /mirror/index.wml file is in the "standard" list over there, but that's
oriented towards both users and mirror maintainers; whereas /mirror/list.wml
is mainly oriented towards users and should be a much more popular page.

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