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Re: Info on this site


On Sunday 11 November 2007 12:01, wojtekz@comp.waw.pl wrote:
> > > This concerns only end-users of unstable, and to a lesser extent
> > of testing.
> > Sure, but surely there is a middle way between sending out a
> > message with
> > "critical priority" and not communication the issue to our users at
> > all?I've had quite a few question on irc already from users who were
> > wondering what is wrong.  Would it really hurt to send a messaeg to
> > debian-news or so and putting a notige on the website?

I think users of unstable should subscribe to debian-devel-announce (at 
least). And if they dont, I have hartly sympathy.

The news was on d-d-a. You cannot distribute developer related information, 
which "ftp-master is down" is, further within debian's current news systems.

That the debian webpage can be made better is a completly different topic.
And a news frame with content from d-d-a _might_ be a nice idea.


P.S./BTW: the host was down, not compromised.

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