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Re: a mistake in text on site

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Hi Andriy,

	Thanks for you contact and report.

On 29-11-2007 12:51, Andriy Petrachkov wrote:
> I want to point your attention on the mistake I found on the Ukrainian
> i18n page of Lenny: http://www.debian.org/releases/lenny/
> There is a word "на протязі" should be replaced with "протягом" in the
> next sentence:
> "якщо на протязі деякого часу в них не були знайдені так звані
> „блокуючі випуск" (release-critical) помилки."

	Soooo... since I do not spoke a word of Ukrainian and I
couldn't find a l10n mail list, I checked the CVS logs and it
seems that the translation was made by Borys and commited by
Eugeniy, both cc:ed on this message. :-)

	I'm not sure if I can edit a page in this enconding and
fonts and avoid breaking things, but I will try, as long as somebody
that was/is involved in the Ukrainian translation can give me an OK.

Kind regards,
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