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164sx PROBLEMS 2.2.18 compile problem: ISDN Apache problem in unstable Ati driver Audio on an Ultra 1 and an Ultra 5 Boot procedure on old SPARCs code for Stop-a ? Re: Conffiles problem xutils_4.0.2-1 Creating installation disks cross compiler intel -> sparc DANGEROUS ?? help needed [debian-sparc] SILO:Booting IPC Depends problem perl5.6 and debhelper dh_suidregister bugs Enterprise SPARC Linux FAQ anyone? Re: glibc2.2 Help with general failure led [ [SECURITY] [DSA 027-1] New OpenSSH packages released] kbd: cannot get file descriptor for console Kernel bug in 2.4.0? kernel error messages kernel src 2.4 and woody libc6 newest Linux Sparc Sound does not work Lost root password... Re: m68k buildd presents significant problem for non-us and testing Machine Crash mkfontdir in testing xutils(4.0.2) segfaults mkfontdir seg faults Netra T1 + Heppy Meal + Sun FastEthernet PCI Netscape? new maintainer for the debian sparc group package version difference between intel and sparc Re: page fault in mkfontdir Problem problem installing xfonts on sparc-debian Problems netbooting from SparcStation 20 Problems with Driver Disks Problems with packages Problems w/ qfe + 2.4.0 + Ultra1 Segv Re: Segv (fwd) setting up a screenless sparc1 SILO:Booting SunOS SMP on 2xSM50? Solaris binaries under Linux some strange kernel message... Sparc10 install from floppy disks sparc64 compiler SPARCstation 10 w/2.4.1 boot hangs early Sparc Ultra5 Autobuilder SS20 Install (success) Strange things occurred in my SS10... SUMMARY: SPARCstation 10 w/2.4.1 boot hangs early SunBlade 100 SunOS emulation problem with 2.4.0 Re: [suse-sparc] SILO:Booting SunOS Re: [suse-sparc] SunBlade 100 Trouble installing on an dual-168MHz Ultra2 Ultra5 - Potato - Multiple HME Interfaces uname -m return? Unstable upgrade user space nfs-server Wierd keyboard problem Wrong X keyboard mapping X error: can't open display ? XFree86 4.0.2 and type4 keyboard? XFree86 4 and sunmouse xfree86, netscape & Re: Conffiles problem xutils_4.0.2-1 Re: X resolutions The last update was on 20:04 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 214 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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