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setting up a screenless sparc1

I just had a sparcstation1, given by my university. Unfortunately, it
has no screen, and i don't know how live is the disk.

I'd like to have a bit fun with, including eventually put a debian on it
(as i have on 2 i386 already). i was looking a way of

1 - using an i386 box as a terminal for the Sparc.  I know it's via the
serial line, but all resarch gave nothing for this. Could anyone know

2 - For later,  be able to boot it, and see what's left on. rarp, tftp
and bottparams are configured on a i386 box. For the moment, i couldn't
manage finding a boot image or root/swap partitions. (by the way, do i
need the UFS fs in the kernel?).

Sorry for beeing (for the moment) so lame, and thanks for any help


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