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Re: New slurm-llnl package for squeeze Next Lenny Point Release (5.0.7) Re: OK to upload new sysvinit package? one project packages twice (u-boot and uboot-mkimage) Re: Oops: I broke the lenny --> squeeze update opencv update in squeeze Re: openjdk-6-jre-lib: unable to remove package openscenegraph 2.4.0-1.1: embedded copy of vulnerable lib3ds openssl CMS support openssl rfc5746 / renegotiation support openswan 2.6.28+dfsg-4 unblock request partman-zfs Permission to upload an NMU of ttf-sinhala-lklug Permission to upload ttf-lao to add a udeb for Debian Installer Permission to upload vanessa-logger_0.0.10-1.1 (NMU) Permission to upload xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.13.0-2 Please allow base-files 5.10 in testing Please allow migration of Cherokee 1.0.8-2 into testing please allow nbd 1:2.9.16-7 to migrate to testing please approve and unblock pciutils/1:3.1.7-6 (has udeb) please consider cryptsetup/2:1.1.3-4 for squeeze Re: Please consider unblocking boxbackup_0.11~rc3~r2502-4 Please consider unblocking vpnc_0.5.3r449-2.1 Re: Please create volatile indices for squeeze Please let sympa 6.0.1+dfsg-3 migrate from testing-proposed-updates Please unblock bwa/0.5.8c-1 Please unblock cherokee 1.0.8-3 from Squeeze transition Please unblock debarchiver Please unblock ejabberd 2.1.5-3 Please unblock faad2 2.7-6 please unblock fcitx Please unblock foo2zjs_20090908dfsg-5 (was: foo2zjs in squeeze) Re: Please unblock ia32-libs/20101012 Please unblock ldap-account-manager 3.2.0-1 please unblock libberkeleydb-perl 0.42-1~squeeze1 Please unblock libplist (1.3-2) Please unblock libvirt 0.8.3-4 please unblock netbase 4.43 Please unblock opendnssec/1.1.3-2 Re: please unblock package iceweasel-l10n for squeeze Please unblock php5/5.3.3-3 (Was: [php-maint] Bug#601619: CVE-2010-3710: DoS in filter_var()) Please unblock quota Please unblock rtfm and movabletype-opensource Please unblock vzctl Re: Possible migration of twofish. postgresql-8.4 and lenny upgrades (was Re: Bug#603141: dbi-link: fails to install due to incorrect dependencies in init.d LSB header) pre-approval of OOo 3.2.1-8 with fix for #527535 (was: pre-approval of OOo 3.2.1-8 with fix for #572535) pre-approval of OOo 3.2.1-8 with fix for #572535 Re: Pre-approval request for dpkg sync() changes for squeeze Pre-unblock: dash Re: Pre-upload approval for gThumb preapproval for ikiwiki 3.20100815.2 via t-p-u probable fix for rc bug #603427 Processed (with 1 errors): Re: Bug#599855: Please unblock luabind/0.9.1+dfsg-1 Processed (with 5 errors): Re: Bug#603368: unblock: evolution/2.30.3-4 Processed: adjusting version (new revision) Processed: block 596899 with 603679 Processed: block 600544 with 593860 405644 401700 418480 Processed: block 601802 with 602593 Processed: closing 601219 Processed: closing 603328 Processed: limit package to, tagging 545525, tagging 546365, tagging 587058 Processed: limit package to, tagging 602593 Processed: limit package to, user, usertagging 603569 ... Processed: Re: Processed: Re: Bug#577101: transition: libwpd*8c2a -> libwpd-0.9-9 Processed: Re: Bug#592300: freeze exception: xz-utils 5.0.0 Processed: Re: Bug#599855: Please unblock luabind/0.9.1+dfsg-1 Processed: Re: Bug#601946: Freeze exception for acpidump 20100513-2 Processed: Re: Bug#602041: unblock: arduino/0018+dfsg-6 Processed: Re: Bug#602492: unblock: crashmail/0.71-4 Processed: Re: Bug#604531: Unblock for debarchiver Processed: Re: Bug#604554: unblock: software-center/2.0.7debian6 Processed: Re: Bug#605072: security unblocks (bind9, liburcu) Processed: Re: future unblock: kdepim/4:4.4.7-1 Processed: Re: Please unblock Processed: Re: Processed (with 1 errors): Re: Bug#599855: Please unblock luabind/0.9.1+dfsg-1 Processed: reopening 595609 Processed: reopening 601820, found 601820 in 3:3.3-15, retitle 601820 to RM: ntop/3:3.3-15 Processed: reopening 603368 Processed: severity of 592300 is normal Processed: severity of 602302 is normal Processed: tagging 591209 Processed: tagging 592300 Processed: tagging 600465 Processed: tagging 601199 Processed: tagging 601939 Processed: tagging 602063 Processed: tagging 602067 Processed: tagging 602593 Processed: tagging 603396, tagging 604413 Processed: tagging 603720 Processed: tagging 605209 Processed: user, usertagging 601946, tagging 601946 Processed: your mail Re: Recommends still installs genisoimage by default Re: related ? release team advice: chocolate-doom lock-up / OOD libsdl-mixer Reminder: BSP in Bern next week-end Request for unblock for wide-dhcpv6 t-p-u upload RFC: syslog-ng important bugfix release RFE: Request for freeze exception - 6tunnel Bug#601030 (IPv4 fix) Re: Richard A Nelson (Rick) <> MIA RM: zookeeper/testing -- ROM; not good enough for Debian stable sbuild in squeeze scilab migration to testing (was: Unblocks for security fixes) security support for squeeze? Re: Security unblock requests (ust/0.7-2.1) sendmail Re: Richard A Nelson (Rick) <> MIA) SOAP::Lite: enquiry about freeze exception Re: spacefun theme of slim in squeeze Re: Squeeze Artwork: selection of default theme sr@latin locale debconf pre-depends issue Status of unblock mahara/1.2.6-2 summary of yesterday's debian-release irc meeting systemtap RC bugfix Re: transitional package question Unblock bird 1.2.5-1 please Unblock openssl 0.9.8o-3 Unblock request for request-tracker3.8 unblock request for sisu 2.7.8-1 (code fixes (debian live-manual related) for Squeeze (as documented)) Unblock request for suricata 1.0.2 Unblock request: gxine 0.5.905-5 - bug fixes for squeeze unblock request: xserver-xorg-video-geode unblocking eclipse-cdt Unblocks for security fixes updated text Upgrade package for translation and policy update Upload of Blends metapackages to testing-proposed-updates Re: Upload pre-approval for shorewall/ Upload to unstable and freeze exception for tilecache virtualbox-guest-additions Would you be open to accepting DHCP 4.1.2 into Squeeze? writer2latex 1.0.2 for squeeze? Re: xmltv: what's the best way to keep it up-to-date? Re: Your mon / s-p-u upload Your sinfo/0.0.33-4 upload The last update was on 15:51 GMT Sun Nov 19. There are 1339 messages. Page 3 of 3.

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