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Request for unblock for wide-dhcpv6 t-p-u upload

Hello Release Team,

I found a bug preventing upgrades from Lenny to Squeeze in my wide-dhcpv6 server
and relay agent packages.  There is already a newer version of the package in
unstable, shipping a patch I don't see fit for a stable release yet.  I am
uploading a package to t-p-u that only fixes the upgrades.  Could you please
unblock it?

Here are stats about the changes between 20080615-8 and the proposed package:

  $ git diff --stat debian/20080615-8..testing/20080615-8squeeze1
  debian/changelog                 |    9 +++++++++
  debian/wide-dhcpv6-relay.config  |    2 +-
  debian/wide-dhcpv6-server.config |    2 +-
  3 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

Thank you for your great work,

                             /* ``Engineering does not require science.
                                Science helps a lot, but people built
                                perfectly good brick walls long before
                                they knew why cement works.''
                                                        -- Alan Cox */

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