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summary of yesterday's debian-release irc meeting


the release team held an irc meeting to review our list of release
blockers.  Main points:

- dash
RC bug fix for 582554 in unstable, should get unblocked
upgrade issues with a local diversion: could be release noted if that
doesn't get fixed
"preinst shouldn't use /bin/sh" needs fixed
adsb will have a look

- d-i
ETA for beta2 end of next week
ETA for rc1 end of the month or just after
<otavio> We're doing good with this release

- release notes
"upgrading" chapter in good shape thanks to vorlon and jfs
need input from maintainers and wording for remaining issues and "what's
new in squeeze"
would be good to have a list of packages with no/restricted security
jcristau agreed to go over the bugs and add initial wording for a few
things, mehdi can help if needed, native speakers (adsb and Maulkin) can
review language

- install+upgrade tests
we need to send a call for testing, release notes are good enough at
this point.  Maulkin will prepare a mail.

- items for the release update
missing security support, upgrade and install tests, RC bug squashing
adsb will fix 15 RC bugs a day


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