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Re: [Vidalia] Please pre-approve trivial fix to t-p-u

On Thu, 2010-11-11 at 15:40 -0300, Dererk wrote:
> I hereby request pre-approval for a relevant but trivial/harmless fix
> (#600744) for currently version waiting at t-p-u Vidalia.
> Please find the patch attached.

Not that I'm doubting that the change works, but I'm slightly confused
by the changelog entry:

+  * debian/postrm: Trivial Sid's port, fix wrong catch at $RET chain 
+    while purging pkg [ Move back 2 spaces ] (Closes: #600744).

as the fix appears to have nothing to do with $RET nor anything that I
can relate "move back 2 spaces" to.



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