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Re: [Vidalia] Please pre-approve trivial fix to t-p-u

On Mon, 2010-11-29 at 17:22 +0300, Erinn Clark wrote:
> * Dererk <dererk@debian.org> [2010:11:28 15:25 -0300]: 
> > I'm on the way to find out if there's a simple way to backport the "fix"
> > (which I doubt it would be clean), but at this point I'm really
> > convinced that its a better idea to let the version at unstable
> > (0.2.10-3) to get into, since it's just one version away from TPU's
> > (0.2.9-1) and a version that is mostly based on fixing this problem (see
> > attached changelog), has been extensively tested for longer than 2
> > months at unstable, with no mayor issues and none pending.
> I too think that it would be better for Vidalia 0.2.10-3 to go into stable.
> Previous versions of Vidalia were using a geoip server which has now been taken
> offline (forever) and they will be missing functionality and trying to reach
> something that no longer exists. Please use the version in unstable.

This would be geoips.vidalia-project.net and the rewrites of



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