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Re: Upload of Blends metapackages to testing-proposed-updates

On Mon, Nov  8, 2010 at 17:56:14 +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:

> Hi,
> to address bugs #577062 and #601959 an upload of the source packages
> debian-junior, debian-med and debian-science will be needed.  It
> basically moves the Dependency from blends-common in
> {junior,science,med}-config to a Pre-Dependency to make sure that the
> needed config file is really available at configuration time.  I think
> only one example diff for debian-junior is sufficient to demonstrate
> the change (see attachment).
> BTW, the blends-dev scripts which verify the availability of packages in
> the target distribution found that the spider package will not be
> released with Squeeze and thus there is another change in the changelog.
> Because of this "checking what is really released feature" an upload of
> all these metapackages at a time when no massive package changes are
> expected any more (now-ish) seems to be reasonable anyway.
> I just want to inform you about the upload as it was requested.  While
> I will run some additional tests whether the problem described in the
> bugs above are really fixed I would like to ask for your confirmation
> to upload to testing-proposed-updates.
This should go to sid, not tpu.  Also adding new Pre-Depends requires
explanation and discussion on debian-devel first.


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