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Permission to upload an NMU of ttf-sinhala-lklug

In order to be able to activate support for the Sinhala language in
D-I, we need to have a udeb of the needed font.

That udeb has to be provided by the ttf-sinhala-lklug package. A patch
is sitting in the BTS for 1.5 years.

At the time we worked on this patch, I proposed the maintainer to join
the pkg-fonts team, but that nearly never happened.

I hereby propose to upload an NMU of this package (patch attached),
ask the FTPmasters to fasttrack it so that we can activate Sinhala in
D-I RC1.

After the release of squeeze, I will very probably take this package
over in name of the pkg-fonts team. The maintainer somehow agreed to
join the team anyway and we will happily let him handle it inside the
team. If that doesn't happen, I'll act as main maintainer/upload for
that package.

Would that be OK for the release team?

I'm aware this is late in the release process but I didn't come back
to this issue as the translation work (that was a prerequisite to
activate the language) completed only very recently.


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