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Re: [Vidalia] Please pre-approve trivial fix to t-p-u

On 21/11/10 16:47, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-11-11 at 15:40 -0300, Dererk wrote:
>> I hereby request pre-approval for a relevant but trivial/harmless fix
>> (#600744) for currently version waiting at t-p-u Vidalia.
>> Please find the patch attached.
> Not that I'm doubting that the change works, but I'm slightly confused
> by the changelog entry:
> +  * debian/postrm: Trivial Sid's port, fix wrong catch at $RET chain 
> +    while purging pkg [ Move back 2 spaces ] (Closes: #600744).
> as the fix appears to have nothing to do with $RET nor anything that I
> can relate "move back 2 spaces" to.
> Regards,
> Adam
(Sorry for not answering before, haven't realise about this mail before
you ping'ed).

Heh, the "move back 2 spaces" is just an expression, in fact a phrase
from "Monopoly" game :-)

It was a little bit of irony as this issue was introduced when
reallocated some lines at d/postrm for the sake of clean-up. Basically
the issue was found at the debhelper stamps (#DEBHELPER#) and the
physical location into the d/postrm. Moving it/cleaning the entry solved
the issue.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a non-related issue with this version
of the software and a feature that's broken due to an infrastructure event.
This issue does not render the software unusable. On the other hand, a
minor but interesting feature will be lost since this event I mentioned.

I'm on the way to find out if there's a simple way to backport the "fix"
(which I doubt it would be clean), but at this point I'm really
convinced that its a better idea to let the version at unstable
(0.2.10-3) to get into, since it's just one version away from TPU's
(0.2.9-1) and a version that is mostly based on fixing this problem (see
attached changelog), has been extensively tested for longer than 2
months at unstable, with no mayor issues and none pending.

What do you think about it? Do you think we could get permission for a
T-P-U/Freeze exception?



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BOFH excuse #422:
Someone else stole your IP address, call the Internet detectives!

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